Equmen™ - Terry Bradshaw Profile

Mar 04, 2011, 04:00 ET from Equmen(TM)

NEW YORK, March 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The Steelers may have lost on Super Bowl Sunday, however Equmen™ scored with former Pittsburgh football icon Terry Bradshaw in his Today in America feature profile of Equmen™.

When you can get the attention of football-great Terry Bradshaw, you know you've got something special going on!

Equmen™, the pioneer in making men's slimming/compression garments a mainstream product across the globe, is featured on Terry Bradshaw's Today in America Show on CNN, this Saturday March 5th, which is the second regional broadcast in the USA - Portland, Seattle-Tacoma and the Pacific North West!

In 2007, a 40-year old Australian man had a bold ambition - to feel and look ten years younger so as to perform better in his daily life. As an intensely stressed businessman, ex-sportsman and regular golfer, he worked hard and played hard, but was starting to see the effects of time - including back pain, muscle soreness, fatigue and loss in muscle tone. After frequent visits to the physiotherapist and trainer he thought: why can't there be something that helps me with these issues every day?

As it turns out many men across the world felt the same way. His main inspiration came from the sport category - specifically, the new compression garments designed for elite athletes.

Equmen™ is THE original core compression undershirt.

Click here for broadcast quality video footage and high-res images:



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