eRecycleNY Launch Helps Business Owners Comply With New York State eWaste Laws

Brooklyn Company Offers Cost-Effective Electronics Recycling and Onsite Hard Drive Destruction; Supports NYC Public Schools

Sep 21, 2011, 10:22 ET from eRecycleNY

NEW YORK, Sept. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- To help businesses in New York State comply with a new law mandating responsible electronic waste (eWaste) recycling, today eRecycleNY officially launched its New York office, offering a cost-effective, Environmental Protection Agency-compliant option for businesses needing to dispose of electronic items. The company's "Save our Planet, Save our Schools" program will remit a percentage of referred sales to Parent Teacher Associations at participating public schools, making the company the only recycling vendor in New York to support New York City schools.

eRecycleNY was founded by Stephen and Jodi Leone, Brooklyn parents with more than 20 years' experience in waste management and recycling. "Having worked in recycling for decades, I know many eWaste companies do not comply with EPA regulations and charge far more for their services," said Stephen Leone. "When we heard about the new law in New York, we saw an opportunity to create a service that fully complies with environmental standards, represents a solid value for business customers, and supports our kids' schools."


Beginning January 1, 2012, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation: Electronic Equipment Reuse and Recycling Act (EERRA) will require all businesses in the state to recycle their eWaste – including old or obsolete computers, hard drives, monitors and other electronic devices – at a certified electronics recycling facility. Failure to comply could mean fines or other penalties. In passing this law, New York joins 25 other states in a legislative attempt to keep hazardous chemicals out of the air and water.

"Green laws are in place for a reason: to protect us and our kids from toxic materials, which up until now have been buried in landfills or exported overseas," said Leone. "You can't just throw your old electronics in the trash anymore. With eRecycleNY, you can comply with changes in New York State regulations while simultaneously protecting both the environment and your most secure data."


Toxins found in electronic items, such as lead and mercury, contaminate the air we breathe and the water we drink when these items are not recycled responsibly.  According to the EPA, electronics comprise 1% of the material entering U.S. landfills; yet contribute 70% of the toxins found there. "Electronic recycling statistics are frightening," added Jodi Leone. "Especially when you consider that in the U.S., an estimated 133,000 computers are discarded every day – that's why electronic waste must be handled correctly."


eRecycleNY offers key advantages over other collection and disposal companies:

  • eRecycleNY has partnered with WeRecycle!, a national leader in responsible electronics recycling known for meeting the industry's highest environmental certifications (E-Stewards and ISO 14001), as its exclusive representative to the NYC business community.  All eWaste collected by eRecycleNY will be processed responsibly by WeRecycle!
  • eRecycleNY provides eWaste recycling in conjunction with on-site hard drive destruction – a convenient option for businesses to witness their confidential information being destroyed while recycling responsibly.
  • eRecycleNY serves business customers directly, without a middleman, creating significant cost savings.

"Before, businesses would discard electronics using private garbage or building management companies," added Leone. "Because we cut out the middleman, we are able to offer our customers a great deal. We are a direct, dependable, one-stop option for businesses in New York."

Customers may request a quote from eRecycleNY or contact:

Jodi Leone
Vice President of Marketing
(718) 622-3540

ABOUT eRecycleNY

eRecycleNY is a New York–based electronic waste recycling company founded to help New York businesses responsibly recycle electronics in compliance with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation: Electronic Equipment Reuse and Recycling Act (EERRA). With more than 20 years' experience in waste management, eRecycleNY President Stephen Leone is a third- generation recycler who has the considerable expertise required to ensure better environmental outcomes. In his position as President of Industrial Carting and Emerson Recycling, he works with businesses to create cost-effective programs for managing recyclables, including cardboard, paper, plastics, textiles and organic wastes. eRecycleNY fills the need for cost-effective and secure electronics recycling in the New York City area.  


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