Ergonomics Mixed with Aesthetics Makes RELLECIGA's Scrunch Bottom Perfect

Sep 04, 2013, 08:40 ET from RELLECIGA from ,

HOUSTON, Sept. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Someone once said, "You can either travel or read, but either your body or soul must be on the way." Sunshine, sea, sands – you wouldn't let a wonderful summer slip away without travelling to the beach. Parties at the beach, swimming and diving into the sea are crucial parts of travel. Of course an eye-catching bikini is essential in this situation, but how embarrassing it can be to wade out of the sea only to find that the weight of the water pulls your bottom down. All the beauty of your surroundings disappears at this moment.

Those who worry about this problem need worry no longer, because in May 2013, RELLECIGA Industry Design Institute (RIDI for short) in Paris, France, developed a bikini bottom with the ability to drain water. The scrunching detail at the center of the bottom can distribute water and drain it out, as well as fit your body closely and contour the bikini to your skin.

Source of Designing Concept

Since one of our designers from RIDI has had the same experience as many other girls, she decided to design a bottom to solve this problem. One day when she was visiting an aquarium, the fin of a shark caught her eyes and inspired her.

She realized that the fin of a shark helps it feel the stream of water. According to this theory, she drew out a conclusion that a bikini bottom with shirring at the center may be able to drain water. She soon began to test this idea and the results showed that the "bottom with drapes of fins" did drain water out of it. She was more than excited to get this result and named it "scrunch bottom" at that moment.

But there was another problem in front of her: how to make this scrunch bottom beautiful as well as comfortable?

Ergonomics Mixed with Aesthetics

Almost everyone knows a little about aesthetics, since we all take part in some aesthetic activities. In order to make the scrunch bottom beautiful as an art work, a super advanced technology called folding technology is used to make sure that stitches are invisible. Meanwhile, designers of RIDI focus on the fabric as well. They level up the fastness of the fabric to Level 4, so that bikinis are able to endure solarization, swimming in the sea water and other conditions. Moreover, they also require high fabric elasticity. This characteristic of fabric ensures that RC bikinis are of high flexibility and elasticity.

Ergonomics is a really hot topic in recent years, because the heavy pressure from life and work has begun to destroy ordinary people's health. People won't think highly of anything they own until they begin to lose it. As a result, ergonomics, whose key words are safety, health, efficiency, and comfort, became popular.

RELLECIGA always takes the requirements of users seriously and devotedly designs and produces the best bikini for women all around the world. In order to improve the experience of wearers, RIDI designers studied the space between shirrings. According to the physical characteristics of western women, designers made it 0.5 cm so that the scrunch bottom can contour to one's skin perfectly and show off your beauty. Different from the scrunch bottom for Western women, the space between shirrings is 0.2 cm on the bottom for Eastern women. The space between shirrings was tested thousands of times in three months, and RIDI even asked models to try on the scrunch bottoms. All these measures are just to ensure that our scrunch bottom will fit the body line perfectly as well as offer a most comfortable wearing experience for the wearer.

Ergonomics mixing with aesthetics makes RELLECIGA's scrunch bottom perfect. It can not only overcome the problem of getting embarrassing by a bottom that full of water, but also solves the problem of wearing an ugly bottom.  Soon after RC's Scrunch Bottom Bikini Series was unveiled, it became popular among our customers, meaning that RC's hard work solves customer problems innovatively. If you never hear about the scrunch bottom or still feel puzzled by the bottom problem, visit and have a look.

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