Escape with Darrell Lea this Liquorice Day 2011

Mar 31, 2011, 13:52 ET from Darrell Lea

SYDNEY, March 31 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- With National Liquorice Day fast approaching – April 12 this year – Darrell Lea, the creators of soft-eating liquorice – is celebrating with the launch of a US-wide 'Perfect Escape' promotion, and the release of 10 little known facts about liquorice!   With no purchase necessary, just visit and share your escape fantasy to have the chance to win a city, spa, adventure or a weekend escape of your choice!

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Liquorice has remained a hot topic through the decades -  Famed American musician Jerry Garcia once commented that his band was like liquorice – 'Not everyone likes liquorice but the people who like liquorice really like liquorice!'  And modern day celebrities who love liquorice include Justin Bieber and Lionel Richie, proving that liquorice spans the generations! And with the introduction and discovery of soft-eating liquorice by this global candy phenomenon, the company is finding that more and more people are turning towards liquorice – for the chew, the low-calories, the all-natural ingredients – but most of all – the flavor!

Here are just a few Liquorice facts that Darrell Lea loves:

  1. In the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy Orcs have black blood – so what was the easiest way to make their mouths black, not pink.... The actors had to swill the mouths with a liquorice mouthwash prior to filming each of their scenes!
  2. Alexander the Great and the Roman Emperor Caesar were two of the earliest eaters of liquorice.
  3. There was a large supply of liquorice found in King Tut's tomb!
  4. 50 million pieces of Darrell Lea's soft eating liquorice are consumed by Australians every year! And that's just in Australia!
  5. Darrell Lea liquorice is 97% fat free, totally cholesterol free, and is low in salt.
  6. The liquorice plant grows wild in the subtropical areas of Europe and Asia.
  7. Liquorice is often known as the 'grandfather of Chinese herbs' – it has been known to ease a wide number of medical conditions over the last 3000 years.
  8. The use of liquorice as a medicinal remedy is documented as far back as the fourth century BC, the time of Hippocrates.
  9. Liquorice is said to have healed the wounds and quenched the thirst of Nero's armies in the first century AD.
  10. It was early settlers from Europe who brought liquorice recipes first to America – and in 2005 Darrell Lea brought its best-selling soft eating liquorice here too.

Darrell Lea is available nationwide in supermarkets and convenience stores, in four great flavors – Original Black, Strawberry, Mango and Green Apple, for $2.99 in a 7oz pack.

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