eSearchVision Brings New Opportunity for Retailers

Latest SEM feature helps retailers maximize online revenue

Jan 25, 2010, 14:00 ET from eSearchVision

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- eSearchVision announced today the release of Product Feed, a feature designed to ensure PPC advertising is consistent with their clients' changing business inventory.  The newest addition to their V5 campaign management application gives advertisers the opportunity to automatically update their campaigns with real-time product data.

Product Feed will drive a dramatic increase in the relevancy of ads to landing pages as inventory and prices of items are updated online in real-time.  This stronger relationship between keywords, ad copy and landing pages will lead to more qualified traffic and ultimately, an improvement in Quality Score.

The process behind Product Feed begins with a data feed.  The advertiser updates the feed by pushing a file to V5 as inventory drops, prices change, new items are added, etc.  Once pushed to V5, changes could include updated prices in ad copy, new keywords and ads for new products, or paused keywords for our-of-stock items.

For example, imagine a popular electronics item is typically sold for $300.  Suddenly, Advertiser A puts the item on sale at a never-before seen price of $199.  By just updating their data file with this new price, V5 modifies all ads to reflect the attractive new $199 sale price.  Instantly, Advertiser A will be in front of their target consumers with a relevant and enticing new ad calling out the new price.  This is just one scenario among many demonstrating how Product Feed will change the playing field for advertisers.

"The economy is bouncing back but there are still some economic constraints. That said, the number of online buyers continues to grow and ecommerce is the strongest driver of revenue increases for advertisers. Advertising effectiveness will make the difference in such a competitive environment. With eSearchVision's Product Feed system, search marketers can spend more time focusing on what really matters and increase ROI, thanks to automated updates of keyword listings and ad copies. We're excited to launch this feature, a significant step forward for our entire customer base and Search Engine Marketing in general." Marc Wendling, US Managing Director, eSearchVision

Product Feed is one of many cutting-edge features available through eSearchVision's V5.  To demo V5, please call 415.814.1001.    

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eSearchVision is a search engine marketing agency and global technology company used by many of the largest brands across the world.  Through continuous research and development by a team of engineers and quality-score expert account managers, the eSearchVision platform is at the forefront of paid search management technology.  Founded in 2004, eSearchVision is a global company with offices in San Francisco, New York, Ann Arbor, Paris, Madrid, London and Munich.  For more information or to set-up a free demo, contact Marc Wendling at 415.814.1001 ( or visit

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