eServGlobal Announces Record Traffic During the Holy Month of Ramadan

Oct 13, 2010, 13:54 ET from eServGlobal

PARIS, October 13, 2010 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- eServGlobal Limited (LSE: ESG & ASX: ESV), a global telecoms software vendor specializing in Mobile Money and Value-Added Services (VAS), today announced record breaking recharge traffic was achieved by its customers during the month of Ramadan.

During the 4 week Ramadan period, traffic at a single operator achieved a performance of one million recharge attempts per busy hour. Another customer experienced record recharge traffic 2.5 times higher than average during a single 24 hour period, well in advance of other peak periods.

A trend for increased mobile phone traffic during this period has been observed in recent years, a result of a desire to connect to friends and family and compounded by the advent of Ramadan focussed phone applications related to prayer and fasting. As the adoption of these technologies increases, so does the strain on the network and the need for advanced solutions. Innovative companies such as eServGlobal are at the forefront of providing robust, proven and intuitive solutions

eServGlobal pre-empted this demand by working with operators in Syria, Morocco, Tunisia, Pakistan and Algeria to maintain network stability during the four week period culminating in a peak traffic event during the Festival of Breaking the Fast, Eid, between 9 and 11 September 2010.

With a constant focus on operator satisfaction, and as part of its customer support policy over the last decade, eServGlobal undertakes such preparations for expected peak traffic periods such as holidays, New Year's Eve and other national events. Audits and preventative actions are carried out in the weeks leading up to the event producing a result of close to zero incidents. In this instance, eServGlobal again achieved an impressive performance across all 32 recharge solutions deployed for 23 customers in 21 countries. The company has more than 24years' experience in providing its customers with the industry-leading expertise and comprehensive support to innovate in their local markets.

eServGlobal's leading recharge solution, PayMobile, offers operators a flexible recharge management system which maximises revenue and minimizes churn, by ensuring customers evolving needs are satisfied. PayMobile also has the ability to provide innovative Mobile Money Services such as mobile wallets, domestic money transfer and has a native interface to the international remittance hub HomeSend.

"At times of increased end-user expectations, we understand the urgency and importance of maximizing our customers' revenue and their subscribers' satisfaction," commented Craig Halliday, COO, eServGlobal, "Our foresight, preparation and advanced technological solutions led to these stunning figures and we pride ourselves on our agility and customer focus."

About eServGlobal

eServGlobal specializes in Mobile Money solutions and Value-Added Services (VAS), to help Telco Service Providers increase their revenue and gain and maintain customer ownership.

eServGlobal invests heavily in product development, using carrier-grade, next-generation technology and aligning with the requirements of more than 60 customers in over 45 countries. For 24 years, mobile, fixed, Internet and multiplay telco providers have used our capabilities to lead and innovate in their local markets, leveraging their core assets and their trusted agent and subscriber relationships.

With 13 offices globally, eServGlobal provides full "end-to-end" and "any account to any account" Mobile Financial Services and International Money Transfers.

Our Value Added Services in promotions, loyalty, messaging, and multiplay are focused around the transaction and enable service providers to engage with the subscriber in a personalized and dynamic manner.

To reduce time-to market and manage exposure to CAPEX, we now offer multiple licensing alternatives, including SaaS-based flexible, revenue-share pricing.

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