Esimit Europa 2, the World's Fastest Yacht, Officially Launched in Cannes

Jun 11, 2010, 04:00 ET from Esimit Europa

CANNES, France, June 11 /PRNewswire/ -- The highly anticipated Esimit Europa 2 ( yacht has been introduced to the global audience at its christening ceremony, which was attended by numerous business leaders and project supporters. The 30-meter long and 44-meter high giant is the fastest yacht in the world. Under the patronage of Jose Manuel Barroso, the President of the European Commission, the yacht is building upon its 15-year tradition of connecting European nations. Speaking at the launch ceremony, Slovenian Igor Simcic, the yacht's owner and Esimit Europa project General Manager, outlined the team's goals, which will compete in the 5 most prestigious European regattas as an ambassador of the European Energy movement.

The 26-member crew will man one of world's most advanced yachts. The plan is to achieve an overall victory in all attended regattas. "Nothing in the Esimit Europa project is left to coincidence. Representing the entire Europe is a great honor and a great responsibility. I am glad that the yacht has become a symbol for the united Europe, a symbol that is sorely lacking. Each victory will therefore strengthen the pride in being a European and we will not be ashamed to raise the European flag as we cross the finish line," briefly explained Igor Simcic.

"15 years ago, the Esimit Europa project symbolically connected border cities and regions and the idea that seemed utopian at the time became reality with the expansion of the European Union. Today is the time for a new dimension -- a Pan-European dimension. I am honored that the idea is supported by a company as reputable as Gazprom, one of the largest energy companies in the world. I am sure that through closer relationships between EU countries and Russia, this continent would represent an important global force that would lead in technology and development, creating a better and brighter future to its residents," added Simcic.

Esimit Europa 2 yacht also launched as an ambassador of the European Energy online movement (, a Facebook application for environmentally aware individuals, who use the social network to change consumer habits. The application is also connecting people, who want to act to make our planet cleaner, and the user community reached 2,000 members within one month of its launch.

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