Essential Pharmaceuticals releases new data on novel lipid delivery technology and its impact on bioproduction

Mar 17, 2016, 09:41 ET from Essential Pharmaceuticals, LLC

EWING, N.J., March 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Essential Pharmaceuticals, LLC releases new data on novel lipid delivery technology provided by Cell-Ess® supplement.  Cell-Ess is a chemically-defined and animal component free supplement that delivers critical components, including essential fats, needed for cell growth.  Cell-Ess used as a feed in different cell lines and media schemes consistently improves protein titer by >25% compared to control.

Lipids and cholesterol play a critical role in membrane formation.  Many steps of protein synthesis, post-translational modification and secretion occur on membranes. Although cells can synthesize cholesterol and some fatty acids on their own, providing lipids in media can improve cell growth and metabolism.  However, lipids and cholesterol are insoluble in water, which can lead to a short half-life in media.  For long production runs, bioproduction scientists may need to undergo a labor-intensive process to make fresh lipids and titrate to the correct concentration in order to avoid toxicity.  The increased adoption of single-use bioreactors (SUBs) has posed a new challenge, as some lipid supplements have an increased affinity to plastic versus stainless steel or glass.  Cell-Ess is a novel technology enabling the addition of lipids and cholesterol to bioproduction runs in SUBs and in traditional tanks resulting in increased productivity of CHO cells.

In a previous data release, Cell-Ess demonstrated the ability to increase antibody productivity, and the increase was scalable to 10,000 L bioreactors.  This new data demonstrates that Cell-Ess provides a novel lipid delivery method that makes lipids accessible to cells throughout the run, even in single-use bioreactors. 

"Cell-Ess used as a feed at 5% in a Wave Bioreactor™ resulted in >25% increase in antibody titer," says Dr. Adam Elhofy, CSO of Essential Pharmaceuticals. "In addition, the use of Cell-Ess maintained higher cell viability for an extended production run. This enables scientists to achieve a target yield earlier or extend the production run to increase total yield."

"At Essential Pharmaceuticals, we provide solutions to manage organs, tissues and individual cells for research," says Allan Weber, CEO.  "As more manufacturers move toward single-use products, we are excited to see how this new application of Cell-Ess will enable scientists to improve productivity in single-use bioreactors."

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