ETS Redefines Student Learning Outcomes Assessments Through New Certificates

Jun 18, 2013, 10:27 ET from Educational Testing Service

PRINCETON, N.J., June 18, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- As the higher education landscape continues to shift to address the heightened pressure for accountability, the role of technology, and the expanding number of students in varied locations and types of learning environments, there is an evolving need for flexible and valid outcomes assessments. 


Based on groundbreaking ETS research on student motivation, ETS is now providing performance-level certificates to demonstrate student learning outcomes in key areas. "These certificates are a game changer for higher education, because they may provide students with the motivation to perform well, which ultimately helps institutions to have more accurate student learning outcomes data that can assist them with accreditation and performance funding," says David Payne, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Higher Education Division at ETS.

Test takers of both the iSkills™ assessment and ETS® Proficiency Profile standard form will have the opportunity to earn an electronic certificate which can be shared with an unlimited number of recipients in academia and beyond. The ETS Proficiency Profile assesses four core skill areas — critical thinking, reading, writing and mathematics — in a single test. The iSkills assessment measures an individual's ability to navigate, critically evaluate and make sense of the wealth of information available through digital technology. In addition to institutions' testing programs, ETS will also make these certificates available to any interested test takers through StraighterLine.

Recognizing the rapidly growing trend that leaves some institutions unsure of how to test large groups of students who may or may not be on a traditional campus, ETS will be expanding testing options to include remote proctoring and off-campus testing for the ETS Proficiency Profile and iSkills assessments. Starting next month, institutions will have a secure mode to test the growing population of students that are remote or taking courses online.  

"ETS is actively addressing the changing landscape of higher education, and working diligently to respond to the needs of today's institutions and test takers. These new certificates and new secure testing options are market-driven examples of how we're trying to make a meaningful difference for students and institutions," adds Payne.

For more information on the expanded testing options and the certificates to address accreditation requirements and student learning outcomes measurement, visit the ETS Proficiency Profile and the iSkills Assessment websites.

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