Etymotic Launches MusicPRO™ Electronic Earplugs

First-of-its-kind electronic hearing protection offers music professionals unprecedented hearing protection with intelligence built in

Jul 12, 2012, 07:00 ET from Etymotic Research

ELK GROVE VILLAGE, Ill., July 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Etymotic Research, an innovator in hearing wellness solutions, today announces the launch of MusicPRO Electronic Musicians Earplugs. MusicPRO earplugs are designed for musicians who want to hear naturally, need protection when hearing is at risk, and want to avoid the inconvenience of removing earplugs to hear.

MusicPRO 9-15 earplugs are so named because they provide two modes of protection in the same device by combining the performance of two high-fidelity passive earplugs--Etymotic's ER-9 and ER-15 Musicians Earplugs.  The result is intelligent, high-fidelity adaptive electronic earplugs that allow natural hearing when sound levels are safe and provide automatic protection from both loud, sustained music and loud percussive sounds. The soft sounds of music and speech can be enhanced if desired.

MusicPRO earplugs are ideal for directors and musicians, front-of-house personnel, entertainment industry support staff, security personnel and audiences. MusicPRO earplugs can be switched between two levels of protection.  Full-fidelity sound reproduction is delivered through the combination of high-definition, balanced-armature drivers, high-sensitivity microphones and advanced signal processing with a 40 Hz-16 kHz bandwidth.

"Music-induced hearing loss is preventable," said Dr. Gail Gudmundsen, Managing Director, Audiology Division, at Etymotic.  "Etymotic has provided the world's only truly flat hearing protection to musicians for over 25 years. With MusicPRO earplugs, we're pleased to offer the first electronic earplugs for music industry professionals that allow them to hear music naturally but be protected with no loss of clarity when sound exceeds safe levels.  No other devices can do that."

MusicPRO circuitry automatically changes output levels as sound input levels change.  Hearing is natural, as if nothing is in the ears, until sound exceeds safe levels.  As sound levels increase, the earplugs gradually provide 9- or 15-dB sound reduction. Natural hearing is restored when sound returns to safe levels.  

Etymotic's hearing protection products have been honored with the inaugural Design and Engineering Innovations Award in the Health and Wellness category from the Consumer Electronics Association, and the prestigious Safe-in-Sound Award for decades of innovation in hearing loss prevention from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the National Hearing Conservation Association.

MusicPRO earplugs are priced at $399/pair. A large selection of eartips is included, to fit the majority of ears. MusicPRO earplugs are available at, Etymotic's network of hearing solutions providers and select retailers and music specialty stores. 

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