EU Data Compliant Email Provider Now Available on Google Cloud Platform

May 18, 2016, 09:30 ET from Mailjet

NEW YORK, May 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Mailjet, the European leader in email deliverability, announces today that it has officially been made available for Google Cloud Platform. As a globally-focused, EU data compliant, email service provider available from Google Cloud Platform, Mailjet gives developers and enterprises a powerful solution for creating and delivering transactional and marketing emails to customers worldwide.

Within Google App Engine and Google Compute Engine, Mailjet's REST API, SMTP relay and optimized deliverability can be easily leveraged. Developers can now send and receive timely messages and alerts, conduct email marketing automation, parse inbound traffic, and track email events in real-time. Users will also have access to a user interface which includes a visual real-time metrics dashboard and email marketing features such as A/X testing, Campaign Comparison and Segmentation.

With Google Cloud Platform being one of the world's major cloud infrastructures, Mailjet is extremely excited to have its global deliverability engine readily accessible within the platform.


Developers and enterprise clients using Google Cloud Platform will have access to a globally-focused email service provider. With offices in Paris, New York, London, Berlin, Sofia, Toronto and Vietnam, Mailjet offers user interfaces, documentation and 24/7 customer support in 4 languages (English, French, Spanish, German).

With servers that are entirely EU-based, Mailjet simultaneously complies with data privacy regulations in Europe and the US. With a global network being one of the key features of Google Cloud Platform, Mailjet and its 360° global emailing solution further support Google's globally-focused clients.


IT teams and developers on Google Cloud Platform can now leverage our all-in-one email service to power their transactional and marketing emails. By providing a scalable, turn-key email infrastructure and deliverability service, Mailjet lets companies concentrate on their core product instead of the complexities of email sending. Our comprehensive step-by-step guides are available in 7 programming languages (cURL, PHP, Ruby, Python, Go, Java, NodeJS).

Mailjet is also the only email service providing a fully email-responsive markup language (MJML). Emails coded using MJML are translated to responsive HTML, enabling automatic email adaptation to any client, browser or device. Creating responsive emails using MJML requires shorter amounts of code, allowing developers to become at least 50% more efficient.

"Mailjet is very excited to be accessible from Google Cloud Platform and proud to bring Mailjet's global email deliverability technology to the same cloud platform that gives enterprise-grade compute, storage, big data and service solutions to developers and IT teams."

-Alexis Renard, CEO of Mailjet 


Special pricing plans (starting at Free) with enhanced benefits are available to Google Cloud Platform users signing up to Mailjet. Mailjet's REST API, SMTP Relay, Optimized Deliverability, Global Support, Reporting, Email Personalization and more are standard features available to all users. Premium plans include A/X Testing, Segmentation and Campaign Comparison. Silver Plans and above gain additional access to Dedicated IPs and Reputation Monitoring.


Mailjet is a powerful all-in-one email service provider that enables online businesses to send transactional and marketing email and better understand their contacts send after send. Mailjet's intuitive tools and powerful APIs give senders the right amount of analytics to get the most value from each recipient, campaign and inbox. Founded in France in 2010, Mailjet is a market leader for email infrastructure and deliverability and serves more than 32,000 customers globally such as Galeries Lafayette, TagHeuer and Sketchfab. For more information, visit .

Press Contact:
Michyl Culos
Channel Marketing Manager

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