EU-Ukraine Association Agreement - EU's Most Advanced

Mar 21, 2013, 05:10 ET from Worldwide News Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine, March 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU is the most progressive agreement ever created by the EU, commented Juan Manuel Vilaplana López, Political Advisor of the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine. He noted that the document was tied to the political and economic integration between the two parties.

During his speech at a Kyiv conference EU-Ukraine: A Chance for a Common Future, Juan Manuel Vilaplana López reminded that the conditions for the signing of the Association Agreement (AA) included independence of judicial system in Ukraine and absence of selective justice in the country, reports López added that the document corresponded with all requirements of the European legislation.

In January 2013, the German and French Ambassadors to Ukraine also pointed out the unique nature of the AA between the EU and Ukraine. The German Ambassador to Ukraine Christoph Weil in his interview with Ukrainian newspaper Den said that the AA was one of a kind. He noted that Ukraine was an important country for the EU and had tremendous potential.

The AA between the EU and Ukraine is the most advanced agreement the EU can offer to a third party in order to manage cooperation in all areas, noted the French Ambassador to Ukraine Alain Remy, who he joined the German colleague for the interview. The AA provides great potential for the development of the Ukraine - EU relationship, he stated. During the interview both diplomats reminded that their countries supported the signing of the agreement.

EUobserver has previously informed that Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, and Slovakia expressed readiness to sign the AA with Ukraine at the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnus, Lithuania, in November 2013.

The AA comprises of two sections: one regulating political association issues and one concerning economic integration, namely the creation of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area. The document regulates the issues of political dialogue, reform, association and cooperation in the field of foreign and security policy, as well as the questions of competition, customs, energy, intellectual property, public procurement, services, and sustainable development.

Association talks between Ukraine and the EU started in March 2007. The parties finalized negotiating process on December 19, 2011, after 21 rounds of negotiations.

SOURCE Worldwide News Ukraine