Euro 5 bn Technology Energy Agreement With Brascan Capital Ltd.

Jan 27, 2010, 10:32 ET from Brascan Capital Ltd.

LONDON, January 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Brascan Capital Ltd., an energy and private equity London company, is the beneficiary of an agreement which gives to Brascan a worldwide exclusive distribution for Euro 5bn over 5 years for several additives like M30 and M15 which can produce high clean methanol gasoline.

Since 2006, the Chinese have found a good way to use methanol gasoline. It helped them to solve the problem of gasoline shortage, also help their national to have good control of pollution from car emission. In 2009, Chinese car sale has reached number one in the world, but the fuel consummation has not increased much. The answer is simple. Methanol gasoline is in the fuel station for sale. It is clean and cheaper than the regular gasoline. Petro China Company Limited ("Petro China"), the China's largest oil and gas producer and distributor, has selected the high clean methanol gasoline to be used in the province of Zhejiang. According to Salvador Trinxet Llorca, co-CEO of Brascan, Sinopec, the other China's largest oil and gas producer is currently using high clean methanol gasoline in the province of Sanxi. In 2010, the high clean methanol gasoline will be used in many provinces.

Luis Roca, the other co-CEO of the British company, highlight that M30 high clean methanol gasoline is made by compounding self developed additive, which overcomes the original short comes of methanol low heating point, causticity, store carry delaminated, settles big proportion methanol catalytic combustion technology and tail gas purgation, mutual dissolves with delaminating, low temperature starting, high temperature gas obstruct, engine spare part material causticity problem, does not need to change engine and can be used directly or mixed with regular gasoline. It's been authenticate by China authority bureau as the technology is at leading edge, it is the best economical fuel of gasoline substitute for vehicle possess very conspicuous economic benefits and social efficiency.

Salvador Trinxet Llorca said "This energy company reached and international cooperation with Petro China on Sep 2009." It is the first additive petrochemical company to provide clean methanol gasoline to Petro China. The cost-advantaged additive and the agreement will help secure the foundation for additional growth in China. An extremely high level of interest in this product had been exhibited by other Chinese and UK oil and gas producer and distributor companies.

SOURCE Brascan Capital Ltd.