European Lighting Equipment (Luminaires) Market

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European Lighting Equipment (Luminaires) Market

EU Directives and Technology Developments are Driving the Return to Growth

New energy-efficient luminaires allow luminaires' manufacturers to tap into opportunities both in the replacement market and fresh installations. The European Union (EU) directives aid the growth of this market, supplemented by EU initiatives, partnerships, and funded technical pilot projects. These benefit the companies in this space to strategically position themselves in the market and win projects. Educating the customers on the return on investment from advanced luminaires against the initial cost of investment is the key challenge for these companies. Market forecast is provided for high growth opportunities in the outdoor and institutional end-user segments.

Key Findings

•The European lighting equipment (luminaires) market was worth $X billion in 2012 with a growth rate of X% in 2012.
•European Union (EU) directives, EU-initiated programmes, and partnership projects are some of the driving factors, while the economic slowdown and a weak construction market are some of the factors that continue to dampen growth.
•The market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of X% between 2012 and 2017 as a result of growth in end-user segments, such as outdoor, office buildings, and educational buildings.
•The market is highly price sensitive towards the uptake of new Solid State Lighting (SSL) technologies due to the high rate of amortisation of new products every six months.
•Wholesale and retail trade dominate the sales channel in the end-user segments, except for the outdoor and architectural segments which are dominated by direct sales.
•The leading five companies hold a collective market share of X% of 2012 revenue in this highly fragmented and competitive market.
•Germany, the United Kingdom, and France are likely to witness rapid growth in 2013 and 2014 as a result of national initiatives and SSL projects.
•The trend of spending on R&D is increasing, and marketing is stable.

CEO's Perspective

1. Light management systems and LED technology are grooming the market into a new sphere.
2. Solid state lighting will be a truly disruptive technology.
3. Strategic positioning of companies in EU initiated projects gives a competitive edge.
4. Price sensitivity is high amidst end user segments to adapt to newer SSL technologies.
5. The United Kingdom and Germany are the hot spots of opportunity in the near future.

Market Definitions

•A luminaire is an apparatus which distributes, filters or transforms the light transmitted from one or more light sources; it includes all parts necessary for supporting, fixing and protecting the light sources, and where necessary, circuit auxiliaries together with means for connecting them to the supply but not the light sources themselves.

•The geographic scope of this study includes the following regions in Europe:
- Germany
- France
- The United Kingdom (UK)
- Spain
- Italy
- Benelux: Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg
- Scandinavia: Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden
- The Alpine Region: Austria and Switzerland

•The end-user segments considered in the study are:
- Residential buildings (individual houses and apartment complexes)
- Office buildings
- Educational buildings
- Hospital buildings
- Retail buildings (shop lighting)
- Industrial buildings (manufacturing facilities, warehouses, processing plants)
- Hospitality buildings (hotels, restaurants, casinos)
- Outdoor (street and road lighting, and Infrastructure)
- Others (sport facilities, architectural lighting, and public buildings: museums, religious buildings, etc.)

•Revenue account for luminaires' sales by the manufacturers and is based on manufacturer's earnings, excluding the time of shipment. Revenue does not include value-added services.

Study Period: 2010–2017
Base Year: 2012
Forecast Period: 2013–2017
Monetary Unit: US Dollars
Conversion Rate: €1.00 = $

Key Questions this Study will Answer

• Is the market growing and at what rate? What is the anticipated growth between 2013 and 2017?
• What are the external forces that affect the growth of the market?
• What are the existing distribution channels? How do they function under different economic scenarios in different end user segments?
• What is the position of the major participants in this market and their market share? What are the competitive factors prevailing in the market?
• Which end-user market will grow faster in the next five years and at what rate?
• How will the countries in Europe perform in this market in the next five years and due to what factors?

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Market Overview
3. Total Lighting Equipment (Luminaires) Market
• Drivers and Restraints
• Forecast and Trends
• Market Share and Competitive Analysis
4. Residential Buildings Segment Breakdown
5. Retail Buildings Segment Breakdown
6. Hospitality Buildings Segment Breakdown
7. Office Buildings Segment Breakdown
8. Industrial Buildings Segment Breakdown
9. Outdoor Segment Breakdown
10. Educational Buildings Segment Breakdown
11. Hospital Buildings Segment Breakdown
12. Others Segment Breakdown
13. Germany Breakdown
14. The United Kingdom Breakdown
15. France Breakdown
16. Italy Breakdown
17. Spain Breakdown
18. Benelux Breakdown
19. Scandinavia Breakdown
20. The Alpine Region Breakdown
21. The Last Word
22. Appendix

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