Evangelical Environmental Network Launches Illinois Ad Campaign Urging Senator Kirk Not To Block Carbon Pollution Rules

Evangelicals' Radio Ad Buy Zeroes in on Sen. Kirk's Influential Votes on Congressional Effort to Block Clean Power Plan, Limits on Pollution from Power Plants.

Nov 12, 2015, 14:00 ET from Evangelical Environmental Network, New Freedom, PA.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill., Nov. 12, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The 750,000-member Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN)  announced today that it is launching a radio ad campaign in Chicagoland and Springfield highlighting Senator Mark Kirk's role in upcoming votes to block the Clean Power Plan and pollution limits on power plants. The radio spot is available online at www.creationcare.org/illinois.

At issue is how Senator Kirk will vote on two upcoming Congressional Review Act (CRA) votes in the Senate to gut the Clean Power Plan and other curbs on power plant pollution.  A vote by Kirk for imposing the CRA in either case would have the effect of making the climate worse and harming the health of Illinoisans.

EEN is undertaking the radio ads because of the high stakes for Illinois families. A Harvard analysis shows that the health benefits from reducing particle pollution and smog from power plants could save 2,100 lives and prevent 760 hospitalizations in Illinois from 2020 to 2030.  Nationwide, the Clean Power Plan will prevent up to 6,600 premature deaths annually and avoid more than 140,000 asthma attacks in children. The Clean Power Plan will also help prevent thousands of heart attacks, hospital visits, missed work days, and school absences each year.

Rev. Mitchell Hescox, president, Evangelical Environmental Network, said:  "How Senator Kirk decides to vote will be critical for children, local communities, and the unborn. I can't see any reason to vote against Illinois families and undermine a clean energy future for America. As pro-life Christians, we believe that pollution profoundly impacts human life.  Our ministry is grounded in the Bible's teaching on the responsibility of God's people to 'tend the garden' through a faithful walk with our Lord Jesus Christ."

Ben Lowe, senior advisor, Young Evangelicals for Climate Action, said: "As a young evangelical in Illinois, I'm looking for leaders who will support responsible climate action. I see climate change as a moral priority and an opportunity to invest in a healthier clean energy economy with greater opportunities for our state. By defending the Clean Power Plan, Senator Kirk has the opportunity to do the right thing and help defend my generation's future."

Prof. Jeff Greenberg, PhD., professor of geology, Wheaton (IL) College, said:  "The Clean Power Plan is based in science, was developed with the input of thousands of stakeholders, and provides the flexibility states need to develop their own plans to meet the pollution reduction targets. The Clean Power Plan will encourage the development of clean, renewable energy and tens of thousands of jobs to support it."

The full text of the EEN radio spot follows:

ANNOUNCER: The voices of Christians.

WOMAN #1 : I am a person of faith and I'm asking Sen. Kirk to protect the environment. 

WOMAN #2: I would like my children and grandchildren to be able to breathe clean air and drink fresh, clean water.

MAN #1: Without all of the smog and pollution.                

ANNOUNCER: Speaking out to protect God's creation.

WOMAN #3: It's up to us to care for the earth that God left us.

WOMAN #4: To protect what God created, it's in our hands, and right now Sen. Kirk, it's in your hands.

ANNOUNCER: Climate change is real — it endangers the health of our children… worsens poverty throughout the world… and threatens our economy.  But the Clean Power Plan of the Environmental Protection Agency will help create a healthier, more prosperous future.

Call Sen. Mark Kirk and tell him as pro-life Christians we believe reducing pollution is one of the greatest moral opportunities of our time.

Tell Sen. Kirk to support the EPA's Clean Power Plan.

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The Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN) is a ministry dedicated to the understanding that creation-care is a matter of Life. EEN's network includes over 750,000 supporters from around the country who weigh in on the intersection of pollution and human life. EEN supports a network of champions and churches who are engaged in creation-care. EEN disciples Christians who are seeking to walk in repentance and faith and are eager to use their gifts and talents to address some of the greatest challenges facing God's people and the world today. For more information, visit http://creationcare.org/.

EDITOR'S NOTE:  A recording of the EEN radio ad addressing Senator Kirk is available online at http://creationcare.org/illinois/.


SOURCE Evangelical Environmental Network, New Freedom, PA.