Event Marketing Needs Increase Demand for Fulfillment, Hand Assembly and Promotional Packaging Services

Nov 01, 2012, 12:45 ET from Versatile Packagers

TAMPA, Fla., Nov. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Versatile Packagers of Tampa has seen an increase in demand for fulfillment, hand assembly and promotional packaging services with this year's upcoming presidential election alongside many other community events' marketing needs.

Rick Shave, CEO, Versatile Packagers, explains, "When you attend any major event, whether it is a political party's rally for the upcoming election, a marathon, or a non-profit organization's fundraiser, you most often receive giveaways referred to as 'swag bags.' For an organization's event marketing coordinator, organizing the fulfillment of these bags from A to Z can be a heavy burden—especially if the event's attendance is in the thousands."

As it relates to events tied to the upcoming election, Versatile Packagers provides hand assembly services for swag bags, point of purchase displays for t-shirts and event collateral, assistance in sourcing promotional items, and distribution and fulfillment of all items.

Other events that commonly rely on giveaways and swag bags include road races, triathlons, sporting events, concerts, non-profit fundraisers, festivals and more. Shave added, "These bags can include anything from promotional items to print collateral about the specific event. The bags themselves can even contain marketing messages on the exterior, services that are provided by Versatile's preferred vendors to keep the project as streamlined as possible."

Hand assembly services at Versatile Packagers are often much more cost-effective and efficient than utilizing internal hours and manpower to prepare for a major event. Versatile Packagers manages the overall logistics necessarily to complete the project including but not limited to material handling, collation, incoming inspection, order processing & tracking, inventory control, warehousing, assembly and/or transportation of items to the event site.

For more information on hand assembly services, call 1.800.258.8308.

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