Everyday Hanbok Brand Combining Traditional Beauty and Convenience for Living - 'LEESLE'

- Demonstrating the excellence of hanbok through SNS led to purchases by consumers globally

Nov 06, 2015, 09:00 ET from LEESLE

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- 'Hanbok,' the traditional clothes reflecting the culture and sentiment of Korea, is drawing the world's attention. The value of hanbok has grown further and is now recognized globally as practicality and convenience have been added to the already existing excellent and delicate designs.

Hanbok has become so popular that Koreans and visitors from all around the world wearing hanbok can be seen in major Korean tourist attractions.

Korea's everyday hanbok brand, 'LEESLE ( www.leesle.com ),' is globally winning customers' hearts with its new hanbok lines.

CEO Hwang Lee-sle (29) minimized the inconveniences of the traditional hanbok. She applied a zipper to the skirt to eliminate the burden of using straps to tie it to the body, and reduced the breadth of the skirt so that it can be comfortably worn everyday. She also replaced the material with a washer-friendly material.

"I added trendiness to the beauty of hanbok, and customers in various countries, including America and China, are asking for it," said CEO Hwang. She also added, "Especially, customers in England and America strongly prefer hanbok made with casual elements while those in Asia look for ones that maintain the impression of the traditional hanbok."

CEO Hwang is taking the initiative in 'popularizing hanbok' through SNS by showing herself wearing hanbok and while doing everyday activities, such as shopping, enjoying coffee, and going to amusement parks. She shows people activities they could not easily do wearing hanbok to demonstrate the excellence and practicality of the clothes.

"There are many customers who still believe hanbok has limitations to be worn every day. That's why they buy hanbok only to celebrate special occasions, like an anniversary. This is why people buying hanbok out of curiosity end up coming back for more since they know how comfortable and practical LEESLE hanbok can be."

LEESLE developed its online shopping mall in various languages using 'cafe24 ( www.cafe24.com ),' Korea's largest e-commerce solution brand, in order to help customers around the world with their purchase. Currently, the mall is operated in Korean, English (leesle.kr), Chinese (leesle.cn), and Japanese (leesle.jp).