EveryOccasion.com Is The First To Combine The Functions Of OpenTable, Evite, PayPal And Yelp Into A One-Stop Site For Group Events

Women Who Hate Party Planning Ready to Plan Their Next EveryOccasion Gathering

Mar 28, 2013, 06:00 ET from EveryOccasion.com

ORLANDO, Fla., March 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Throwing parties is supposed to be fun, but often the reality of bringing people together for a special event at a unique venue or restaurant is one big pain in the, well, you know what.  While technology has changed the way we make restaurant reservations, invite friends to parties, or even call an "Uber" service to get us home, there is no simple group party planning service. At least, that is, until now.

From finding a great restaurant, to sending invitations, to collecting payment, EveryOccasion.com is the first all-in-one online solution for group party planning. Say goodbye to endless searching for venues, calling restaurants to request menu info, posting event information on Evite and awkwardly asking for 20 different checks at the end of a great night.  EveryOccasion is the first service to bring the entire party planning process together, allowing you to search for and book party venues, create custom invitations, organize invitation lists and manage who pays and how much.

EveryOccasion helps smart moms and busy professionals plan a plethora of events, including wedding and baby showers, birthday parties, anniversaries, graduations and more, with less stress and in less time.  A true virtual party planner, users can also personalize their experience with special add-ons and a wide variety of payment options.

"We know planning a party can take several months to coordinate, including hours spent on the phone, in front of a computer and actually visiting locations," explains Andrew Connell, CEO of EveryOccasion.  "EveryOccasion allows users to plan an event in as little as 45 minutes. Now you can find your perfect location, book it, create and manage invitations and get everyone to pay in advance for their portion – all on EveryOccasion. Party organizers can finally enjoy themselves at the event because all of the tough stuff is done in advance."

King of Party Planning Backs Site

EveryOccasion founder Robert Earl (former CEO of Hard Rock Cafe, founder and CEO of Planet Hollywood), has thrown some legendary parties the past two decades.  That experience, combined with his understanding of the restaurant sector, led him to believe consumers needed a better way to plan events and restaurants needed a better way to connect with the planners.  Although platforms like OpenTable, Foursquare, UrbanSpoon and Yelp were created to assist consumers, they don't come close to providing "soup-to-nuts" group party planning.

"We knew that despite the crowded marketplace of tech solutions, there remains a void for an all-in-one solution to group party planning," explains Robert Earl. "EveryOccasion is the stress-free experience planners want and it is flexible enough that allows each event to feel personalized and unique."

For more information or to start planning a group event, visit www.everyoccasion.com.

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EveryOccasion is a technology company focused on helping people celebrate life's most important events.  We believe everyone needs more celebrations in their life so we built EveryOccasion to help smart moms and busy professionals effortlessly plan unforgettable birthdays, showers, holiday parties and other special events. Founded by restaurant entrepreneur Robert Earl and located in Orlando, Fla., EveryOccasion is led by a team of savvy online veterans.  For more information, visit www.everyoccasion.com.

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