'Everyone from the Land of the Rus Who's a Friend Knows My Name... He Who's not a Friend Does Deserve the Spear in their Heart... And He Who comes with the Sword will Die from it!' -The Prince of the Ice Fields

Mar 05, 2011, 20:04 ET from Corvin US & New Media Distributors, LLC

LOS ANGELES, March 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- Corvin US & New Media Distributors in collaboration with The Quaestor Group, an internationally competitive, prestigious, innovative and diversified family of companies, have agreed to a $190 Million dollar private venture funding for the production of the 3D HD Live Animation Motion Picture, titled: "Alexander Nevsky: Prince of the Ice Fields."

The film is a newly revised version of Sergei Eisenstein and Pyotr Povlenko's classic film, "Alexander Nevsky." The new manuscript is the work of Gyorgy Gat, Gyula Boszormenyi, Gyorgy Andras Desi, and Gabor Moray. The production of "Alexander Nevsky: Prince of the Ice Fields," is the first 3D HD Live Animation production of this world renowned epic tale.

The parties intend to optimize their investment utilizing the latest "tax credit financing" advantages provided under the Motion Pictures Act of Hungary. Here at home, Corvin US & New Media Distributors will market the production with their 2010 "WAMM Award" nominated application, www.imoviecloud.com. The "Wireless Application Mobile Media (WAMM)" nomination was for innovation in 3D Video Streaming for Digital Cinema, Mobile Video, and Internet Protocol Television. It was a prestigious recognition awarded by the Wireless Technology Forum. The character development and 3D HD Technology and XF effects will be created utilizing Corvin's 3D Digital Studios and Labs located in Budapest, Hungary, under the supervision of Gyorgy Gat.

Corvin US & New Media Distributors is, also, currently in collaboration with Kerry, Kimmel & Pollack (www.imdb.me/michaelpollack) developing a screen play for the production of Patrick Brister's novel, "TLC: Terminate Life Cycle." The story includes the CORE, a near shadow government entity with historical roots and world-wide influence, whose code stands not for Tender Loving Care, but rather, "Terminate Life Cycle." The filmmaker's agenda is to excite the imagination of the most avid conspiracy theorist.

The quote from the legendary valiant young Prince Alexander Nevsky continues to resound in the hearts of those enchanted with the "protection of freedom." Corvin US' production of Alexander Nevsky will exonerate today's cry for freedom heard worldwide, with its investment in a "state-of-the-art" 3D HD Live Animation Motion Picture Film, and memorable powerful scenes from the famous battle between "Good and Evil" over the Ice Fields. Like Never Before.

All interested seeking more information or to participate, are invited to contact: Mr. Alexander Rozner, Corvin US & New Media Distributors, Century Park Towers, 2029 Century Park Plaza East, (Suite 1400), Los Angeles, California 90067, info@corvin-usa.com, (424) 202-3601, fax: (310) 772-2293.


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