Evohop Announces Release Real-Time Cyber Security Platform for Cloud Servers and Mobile Devices

Jan 12, 2016, 09:33 ET from Evohop

NORCO, Calif., Jan. 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Evohop, a "Real-Time" Cyber Security Company; releases "Evohop as a Service" (EaaS), a client to cloud subscription available for Cloud Servers and Mobile Devices. Cloud Servers and Mobile Devices can now collaborate and share in the unique Real-Time layer of protection offered by the Evohop Security Platform.

The Evohop Security Platform is a very specialized layer of Enterprise Security, typically deployed as the first line of defense. Evohop's use of years of Threat Intelligence, Automation and Real-Time Collaboration, dynamically shuts down traffic bi-directionally regardless of the port, and based on a wide array of proprietary layers of analyzation. Unlike your typical timed update environment that only knows what it knows, Evohop's Real-Time properties include a proprietary push and pull process that allow each instance the ability to check each packet against a huge Global footprint as well as leverage the additional cloud processing power for further inspection of traffic, and without local latency via taxing of local resources.

"Cyber Security Industry Experts have been asking for and have been in dire need of a true real-time environment that incorporates automation instead of human interdiction, and that's exactly what we do," said Executive Officer Jeff Tooley. "We work a long side of our customer's current infrastructure as a very effective and special layer of protection, as well as provide our customers with all of the threat intelligence since day one of deployment. More and more customers are moving to "As a Service" environments where they have little to no control over infrastructure security, so we believe that this is the answer. With respect to mobile, everyone should be thinking security, especially for corporate connected devices."

The Evohop technology was born from a Threat Intelligence prospective and has evolved into a completely automated and collaborative product, to effectively stop attacks in progress and most importantly make sure that proprietary data never goes to a place that it should not be going to. The Evohop global grid actively monitors tens of millions of aggressors every 24 hours as well as hundreds of thousands of malware and phishing servers.

Currently, the Evohop mobile client is available for Andriod® Mobile Devices only.

The release of "Evohop as a Service" (EaaS) comes exactly one year to the day after releasing its commercialized "E-Series Platform." The platform has been in place for several years in the Federal Government intelligence community.

For more information please visit www.evohop.com.