Evohop Enterprise Cyber Security, A Unique Layer of Protection in a Class of its Own

Jan 19, 2016, 08:43 ET from Evohop

NORCO, Calif., Jan. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- With so many talking about Cyber Security initiatives for 2016 and several choices for Enterprise Security, corporate IT decision makers are faced with the big question of what platform to implement. It can be a daunting task considering the many choices to research and evaluate. By all accounts however, the industry is in agreement that "security in layers" is the best strategy.

From an appliance prospective, many of the options being considered are multipurpose devices that include such features as Routing, VPN, Firewall, UTM, IPS, IDS, AV, Content Filtering and the like. Typically there are one or two onboard processors to push traffic as well as carry out the other functionality. That truly is a lot to ask of one appliance using only local resources.

Evohop's sole focus is to inspect every packet entering and exiting the network and determine where it came from, where it's going, what is in the payload and then decide whether or not to stop it from proceeding on to its destination. To assist each appliance in accomplishing this, there are thousands of cloud server processors to help keep internal local resources down to a minimum, over 100,000 other global endpoints to collaborate past or present threats from either the payload or source / destination, as well as years of threat intelligence to reference in its own and the Evohop community's global libraries, thus allowing each appliance to accomplish all of this in just a few milliseconds timeframe. Being highly focused equals very effective 100 percent bi-directional packet inspection without latency.

Of course accomplishing this in real-time is very complicated, after all, keeping up with threats that have not yet emerged is a huge undertaking. From a practical sense the Evohop platform does not allow threats to gain traction on a customer's infrastructure before taking action however behind the scenes, safely allows the threats to mature in a controlled environment. The intelligence gathered today assists the platform in being a better platform tomorrow and so on.

Evohop Security is a highly specialized layer of Enterprise Security, typically deployed in front of your router or firewall. An Evohop deployment works in tandem with your other infrastructure. Both its hardware and software properties are unique. The hardware configuration uses specially configured static filter ports, as well as global grid communication ports. The onboard software is lite and efficient. There are no timed updates as the platform is a true real-time environment. It takes action instead of sending email alerts, utilizes the cloud for additional inspection resources, collaborates all attack information with the Evohop community and discovers, informs and also defends itself against attacks coming from the inside.

The important question to ask is, if the source from which a packet is born has attempted a unauthorized request on another Evohop customer, then why should they be allowed in to your environment? Evohop will not let them in, nor will it allow any traffic from the inside out to that destination. The global grid actively monitors and protects customers in real-time from millions of aggressors and malware / phishing servers every day.

If your security initiatives include preventing intellectual property from leaving your environment to a destination that it should not be going to, Evohop will stop it regardless of the port being open on the firewall.

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