eVoter Expects to Reach 100,000 Illinois Primary Voters by Election Day

Steadily increasing web traffic offers unprecedented opportunity for Illinois primary candidates

Jan 26, 2010, 17:03 ET from eVoter

CHICAGO, Jan. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- eVoter, the first online destination where candidates, voters and endorsing organizations connect, expects to reach 100,000 Illinois primary voters by Election Day on February 2.

According to Adam Kravitz, CEO of Political Technologies, owners and operators of eVoter, traffic to the website is spiking in the last week before the Illinois primary election.

eVoter is a non-partisan website that allows voters to locate their polling place, generate and print a customized ballot, and donate to campaigns. In addition to the voter tools, candidates can purchase and customize an online profile, and endorsing organizations can widely publicize their candidate endorsements for a low cost.

"We are capturing a lion's share of the search traffic, and expect this increase to continue through the election," said Kravitz. "In January, we've seen close to a 700 percent increase from the previous month, which means voters are coming to the site in great numbers to find their polling places, print their ballots and learn about the candidates. For candidates looking to make a connection with real voters in the last days before the election, we're offering an unprecedented opportunity."

Since its launch in November, eVoter has had more than 56,000 Illinois voters visit the site due to a highly targeted marketing campaign, noted Kravitz.

Visits to eVoter.com are numbering approximately 4,000 per day and growing with over 280,000 page views and more than 32,000 ballots rendered. Statewide candidates have already had views from approximately 28,000 voters per party on eVoter.

"eVoter is where voters are going to research their election information," said Philip Muller, president of Political Technologies. "As the primary campaigns come down to the wire, a candidate profile is a great way to get their message to motivated voters, thousands of which are visiting the site every day."

Illinois, which has the nation's first primary election in 2010, is the first state where eVoter is available. Political Technologies plans to roll out the service to more than a half-dozen states by the 2010 general election and all 50 states by 2012.

To purchase an eVoter profile, candidates and organizations can visit www.evoter.com, or call (866) 976-0555.


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