ExceeMatrix Announces the Launch of a Soft Coral Farm for Medical Purposes

Dec 14, 2015, 08:00 ET from ExceeMatrix

OR YEHUDA, Israel, December 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

ExceeMatrix is a unique medical device company, which uses collagen fibers extracted from soft corals, in order to produce innovative implants for ligament and tendon repair.

From the inception of the company, it was clear to Gilad Karni, ExceeMatrix founder and CEO that the company will rely only on its own in-house fiber source. An in-house solution will not harm the ocean coral reef and will allow ExceeMatrix to use top of the line raw material for its current R & D activity and future mass production.

Growing corals in closed circulating system has always been a challenge since any attempt to mimic or optimize the conditions existing in the ocean is a biological, chemical and a financial challenge. The abiotic conditions existing in the sea are very stable, while the biotic conditions are complex and are built of an array of parameters that are hard to measure and difficult to replicate.  

The next step was contacting Barak Eisenberg, a marine biologist, with vast experience in closed mariculture circulating systems aimed for reproduction and raising marine organisms. Eisenberg, together with a range of consultants planned and brought to life a state of the art facility implementing innovative and traditional techniques, all combined to serve as a satisfying environment for soft corals to grow fast and healthy.  

The farm allows ExceeMatrix to determine and monitor all the conditions which effect the corals, including temperature, light, flow, nutrition, salinity and more. The corals on the farm are tagged and measured in order to keep track of growth rates, and optimize conditions. As the corals grow they produce the fibers needed for ExceeMatrix ligament production.

Karni:" The completion of the coral production facility is an important milestone for ExceeMatrix. The farm will allow ExceeMatrix to produce medical device implants from a reliable and sustainable source."

Gilad Karni,CEO:  

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