Excellent Korean Designer Brands in One Place, Online Mall Specializing in Fashion Brands, 'HABSTORE'

-- Satisfying customers by introducing 100 or more designer brands

Oct 30, 2015, 09:00 ET from HABSTORE

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Online shopping mall, 'HABSTORE ( www.habstore.co.kr )', introduces products of new designers known for their unique design in South Korea to fashion-sensitive customers. The mall especially offers great joy to consumers by introducing excellent fashion brands not widely known yet.

"Some customers rejoice at finding new view on life through brands that they had not known before," said CEO Hong Seong-jo (34), "We are concentrating on finding various designer's brands in order to make them happy at all times."

It was 2012 when he first started the online shopping mall. It was when he saw the viability of an online mall after successfully introducing a fashion watch brand in the Korean market. He went on to expand items to clothing and fashion accessories introducing about 100 designer's brands as of now.

HABSTORE gives special priority on brands with definite character and competitive strength, yet without attention from the public. For example, when introducing a new brand to the rest of the world, CEO Hong chooses more Eastern style or K-STYLE designs that Korean Wave stars have used.

HABSTORE is also engaged in the production of its own fashion items. Following the launch of the fashion watch brand, 'Paul Vice', it also launched the watch strap brand, 'Straps'. HABSTORE has added its own style and design to the smart watch based on the view that the smart watch market will gradually expand.

The products of HABSTORE can be purchased through the Korean and English sites of the mall (www.habstore.com ) developed by South Korea's largest e-commerce solution brand, 'cafe24 ( www.cafe24.com )'.

"We are focusing on introducing more South Korean designer's brands globally as we better our business", said Hong, "We will open a pop-up store in New York introducing a variety of brand name products to expand our sales channel."