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Jun 07, 2010, 08:58 ET from Cybage Software Private Limited

PUNE, India and NEW JERSEY, June 7, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- "Cybage-DoubleClick/Google partnership over the past decade has been fully satisfying and rewarding. Cybage's ExcelShore(TM) delivery model helps optimize the teams to our needs in terms of numbers of years of engineer's experience, right talent pool, strong management and ensuring timely delivery of high quality software deliverables. Cybage has always managed to keep their cost optimal for their services thus helping us in our cost structure." Ashish P. Deshpande, Google Inc.

- Knowing ExcelShore(TM) Operational Excellence at Cybage

ExcelShore(TM) is a robust software delivery model which is perfected over years and has been tested over time. It puts Cybage's core of operational excellence at work in executing software projects, thereby enabling clients to realize their business objectives from the outsourcing relationship.

All projects at Cybage are executed under the broader umbrella of ExcelShore(TM). It forms one of the most unique capabilities of Cybage leveraging which we have accomplished superior rate of customer delight. It is a scientific, tangible and authoritative model which provides seamless visibility and superior control. ExcelShore(TM) enables Cybage stand out of the global outsourcing providers' crowd.

Companies looking to software outsourcing would have some underlying objectives to be achieved, may it be cost cutting, gaining productivities, accelerating on time to market or spreading their business 24x7. As soon as the relationship begins with Cybage, ExcelShore(TM) puts these customer objectives right on top. The sophisticated algorithmic software powered system within ExcelShore(TM) gets into action and lays out various dynamics of the project execution for the relationship. Each module within the system is designed to provide key insights into each stage through which the offshore software engagement passes through.

Occurrence of a risk instance is a natural consequence of an outsourcing relationship, since that piece of business process moves out of the organization to the external vendor. Effective mitigation of this risk presents a good case in favor of offshore outsourcing since every business would like to get advantages of the inherent benefits. The key to effective risk mitigation is a tighter control over the project through availability of project key performance indicators (KPIs) acting as crucial decision support system. Cybage's ExcelShore(TM) model of operational excellence provides a comprehensive and sophisticated dashboard which provide project KPIs, as the data gets generated during the inception of the project (like team composition, skill sets, milestones etc.) and during the execution of project (like project attrition, performance appraisal, scaling up, new recruitment, project profitability, risk forecasting etc.).

The ExcelShore(TM) dashboard provides a continuous decision support and control system such that it provides project management a complete visibility on the key project parameters. Availability of right project data on right time also enables certain key algorithm of the system to perform some intelligent forecasting which enable determining if the project is deviating from its intended objectives, the reasons behind it and how it can be effectively mitigated. It also provides what if analysis followed by a framework to implement the change into the blood stream of the project.

Thus, ExcelShore(TM) empowers stakeholders across the hierarchy to keep a tab over the projects in their respect role and responsibilities, leading to the relationship meeting with its inherent objectives and thereby growing consistently over a period of time.

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