EXCUSE BOOK for Politicians Hits #1 on Amazon Hot New Releases List

The Politician's Essential EXCUSE BOOK: by Andrew Murray Howe V

Jan 04, 2013, 15:15 ET from Cranewoods Development

CINCINNATI, Jan. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- In a sign of the times, Andrew Murray Howe V's The Politician's Essential EXCUSE BOOK, reached #1 on the Amazon List of Hot New Releases in Entertainment within a week of being published, briefly passing Tina Fey's Bossypants. The first in his Essential EXCUSE BOOK series, Howe takes a timeless swipe at the (unintentionally) funny things uttered by candidates, supporters and pundits during the life and after-life of a political campaign.

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"A compendium of sure-fire excuses for any candidate who is down in the polls, makes that unfortunate gaffe, needs to energize a lagging campaign or has the temerity to actually lose an election. A must-have for politicians, pundits, campaign staffers, volunteers, and voters of every party."

The pocket sized book takes jabs at candidates, parties and positions of all flavors. According to editor Joe Keefe, what he finds striking about the book is that it contains "funny bits of almost-too-real stuff: remedies for when what they meant to say is what they actually said". Howe mixes truth with humor and satire to arrive at the 78 numbered excuses. Examples:

No. 11
Opponent is pandering to the right
Use when your candidate's opponent ends a speech with "God Bless America"

No. 12
Opponent is pandering to the left
Use when your candidate's opponent starts a speech with "My Fellow Americans"

No. 77
The better candidate won.
[Only if we won. If not, screw them]
The absolute worst excuse ever. Although it is rumored to have been around since the early days of political races in Athens, I cannot find an example of it actually having been used. Don't even think about using it until your candidate loses seven straight races to the same opponent.

Howe's Essential EXCUSE BOOK series is based on his Hall of Fame great-grandfather's 1904 book of horse racing excuses: The Trottin Hoss Excuse Book, which remains a classic in racing circles to this day. The next book in the series will be The Physician's Essential EXCUSE BOOK, with more to follow. The books will be available as paperback or eBooks on Amazon.com and the author's website, ExcuseBooks.com.

About Andrew Murray Howe V: Andy Howe is the president of Cranewoods Development, an award winning developer, real estate project and loan "fixer" with over 35 years of experience at making cool new projects and resurrecting failed ones. He spends a good deal of his time helping individuals, developers and banks work through defaulted loans without going broke or crazy. Depending on how you look at it, Howe is genetically blessed or cursed with his great-grandfather's sarcastic sense of humor and ability to apply it to real life.

For more information about The Politician's Essential EXCUSE BOOK, please visit www.ExcuseBooks.com or contact Andrew Howe at 904-758-3434, or ahowe@cranewoods.com.

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