Executives at Small- and Medium-sized Businesses not Always Getting the Best Deals at Hotels when Travelling on Business

Feb 26, 2013, 07:03 ET from The Executive Travellers Club

LONDON, February 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Executives from Fortune 500 companies often take for granted getting corporate rates and benefits when booking business hotels, it's par for the course. Executives from small and medium sized businesses on the other hand usually do not enjoy corporate rates or benefits and instead pay the same rates as tourists and worst still are often footing the bill! The Executive Travellers Club (ETC) helps executives from small and medium sized businesses get a better deal on hotel bookings with its unique e-marketplace technology.

Most small and medium sized businesses do not book enough hotels per year on business to qualify for corporate travel rates or corporate travel services. Combined however the millions of small and medium sized businesses in the USA spend significant money every year on hotels. The Executive Travellers Club combines this buying power much like an old fashioned buyers club to get ETC members more for less.

The Executive Travellers Club has developed a unique e-marketplace technology connecting business travellers with partner hotels that makes it possible to deliver a self service corporate travel experience to businesses of all sizes, whether it's a self employed designer working from the kitchen table or the CEO of a manufacturing company with 200 employees the benefits are the same using our system.

Executive Travellers Club founder and CEO Umesh Dhanji commented "we have been looking into how to get businesses of all sizesa corporate travel experience which has until now been economically unfeasible. We have developed an ecommerce technology that makes this possible and will save small and medium sized businesses a significant amount of money. We have already partnered with some fantastic hotels across North America offering our members a better deal and are adding new partner hotels to our network every day. Now businesses of all sizes can enjoy a corporate style travel experience!"

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