eXelate is the First Online Data Marketplace to Collaborate with comScore for Audience Segment Validation

Utilizing comScore's online audience targeting data validation, advertisers and agencies will be able to purchase eXelate data segments analyzed and verified by comScore

Aug 16, 2011, 09:00 ET from eXelate

NEW YORK, Aug. 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- To address one of the greatest challenges in the use of online audience targeting data – the qualification and verification of actual data segments – eXelate is providing advertisers and agencies with the confidence to trust the data segments they purchase from eXelate through a collaboration with comScore to undergo an audience segment verification process. eXelate is the first online data marketplace solution to partake in this validation exercise.

eXelate, the engine that powers 20 billion real-time, privacy-compliant data connections each month for over 200 publishers and marketers reaching over 200M unique users in the U.S., today announced a collaboration with comScore whereby eXelate's demographic-related data segments have been vetted and validated against comScore's US panel.

As an on-going service to data buyers, eXelate commissioned comScore to test the accuracy and quality of their data segments. The data verification process required comScore to analyze eXelate segments against the existing comScore panel. Using eXelate's fully anonymized demographic data, comScore confirmed session assignments and cookie matching to identify instances where multiple users access the same computer. eXelate's various audience segments were then scored according to a five-point rating scale based on the accuracy of their targeting assignments.  The results showed audience composition accuracy rates for gender, ethnicity and age that consistently fell within the top two boxes of the five-point scale.

"eXelate is the first online data marketplace to undergo the validation exercise of its audience segments against the comScore panel, which will enhance its ability to integrate with existing media plans and improve confidence in its ability to deliver advertisers' desired target audiences," said Erin Hunter, EVP of Media & Technology at comScore.

"After many years working with the world's leading brands, it is clear that marketers are looking for standardized audience validation from digital data providers before shifting dollars to online audience targeting," said Matt Freeman, Vice Chairman, Global Chief Innovation Officer at McCann Erickson and an eXelate board member. "With their comScore relationship, eXelate can provide advertisers with an assurance that the audience that they are trying to reach and the independently verified data they are using to reach them, are powerfully in sync."

eXelate will continue to work with comScore to test additional segments across their data marketplace.  Advertisers and agencies can easily access segments across eXelate's data marketplace via any of their +50 integrated media partners.

"By working with comScore, the undisputed leader in online audience panels, eXelate becomes the first data marketplace provider of targeting data to open our audience segments to an external audit," said Mark S. Zagorski, CEO, eXelate. "We're confident in the quality of our data and believe that through verification from a trusted source such as comScore, we're providing data and media buyers with the most accurate data segments online. As the industry's leading data marketing company, we will continue to develop solutions that allow marketers to reach their target online audience by providing quality data from premier data sources."

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eXelate is the engine that powers 20 billion real-time, privacy-compliant data transactions for nearly 200 publishers and marketers every month. We make the process of accessing online audiences simple, safe, and scalable by arming data buyers and data owners with proprietary technology that automates data connections and centralizes audience management. Through our DataLinX Data Marketing Platform, we enable transparent, secure, private data connections for publishers, data owners and marketers. The eXelate Marketplace delivers demographic, behavioral and purchase intent data on over 200M UV each month to over 50 directly integrated buyers, who seek to create a more relevant, and privacy-friendly, advertising experience. For more information, please visit http://www.exelate.com.

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