eXelate Launches First Private Marketplace Solution for Targeting Data

Leading Web and Mobile Publisher WhitePages to Go Live With Search Behavior Data on Platform Built to Meet Publisher Demands for Centralized, Transparent Data Control and Privacy Management

Jun 16, 2010, 09:00 ET from eXelate

NEW YORK, June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- eXelate, the first and largest open marketplace for online targeting data, and the leading provider of data management tools, announced today the launch of their Private Marketplace for Publishers, teXi:PM. For the first time, publishers can now create stand-alone, exclusive, transparent data exchanges for their premium partners including agencies, OEMs and direct advertisers. The teXi:PM tool is an integral part of eXelate's successful teXi:DM Data Management suite for publishers, which launched in October, 2009.

eXelate's teXi:PM empowers leading publishers to create their own one-to-one transparent relationships with data buyers in a closed, privacy-friendly, highly functional data marketplace while continuing to leverage the reach of eXelate's eXchange. With the teXi:Private Marketplace, publishers can manage data access, market targeted data pools, set data prices, and even close data transactions all in their own web-based, branded environment. teXi:PM also enables centralized privacy management and opt-out functionality which helps publishers exceed industry standards for consumer transparency, notification and control.  

The new offering will act as a complement to eXelate's eXchange which connects publishers representing 150M Unique Visitors each month in a blind-exchange with leading Ad Networks, Demand-Side Platforms and Agencies. Both solutions empower publishers to generate a new, non-competitive, privacy-friendly revenue source based on their audience interactions.  

Larger publishers like WhitePages, which has rich non-Personally Identifiable Information data on millions of business searches in hundreds of high value categories, have taken notice and will be launching their own Private Marketplaces on eXelate's teXi:PM platform.

"WhitePages' partnership with eXelate will allow us to further extend the value of our top performing  business search-derived behavior segments to marketers using a single technology platform, while still protecting consumer privacy," noted Ingrid Michelsen Senior Director, Ad Sales Strategy & Development of WhitePages.

"With our trove of granular, non PII, business search data, WhitePages will now be able to capitalize on the rapidly growing audience targeting market while having control over data access, pricing and other features that give us the confidence to enter the data market on our terms," she added.

teXi:PM represents the newest part of eXelate's two tiered data marketplace strategy including the eXelate eXchange, which delivers rich, optimized targeting data at scale in a blind-exchange environment, and its series of teXi:DM Data Management tools, which put data control and access directly in the hands of publishers. The teXi:PM platform ushers in a new era in the delivery of targeting data focusing on high quality branded data received "straight from the source."  

"The new Private Marketplace is a perfect complement to our open Data eXchange and fits well with our suite of Data Management tools," commented Meir Zohar, Chief Executive Officer of eXelate. "Now publishers have the ability to not only leverage the buyer reach and non-competitive nature of the eXelate eXchange, but also create their own transparent, premium data relationships and maintain control over data access, while centralizing privacy functionality. As the market continues to be driven by the often competing demands of scale and transparency, we believe this helps solve both challenges."

About eXelate:

eXelate is the world's first and largest open marketplace for behavioral targeting data and the leader in data management tools. Through participation on the eXelate eXchange and access to proprietary data management tools such as eXelate's teXi, data buyers build an instant behavioral targeting function and optimize their campaign delivery, while data sellers gain direct control over their audience data distribution and build a new privacy–friendly income stream. The eXchange includes over 50 top ad network, agency and demand-side platform buyers and dozens of leading publishers, who deliver targeting data on 150M U.S. unique users in lucrative verticals including Business-to-Business, Auto, Travel, Finance, Shopping and registration-based Demographics. For more information please visit www.exelate.com.

About WhitePages:

As the largest and most trusted online people and business directory, WhitePages offers a suite of free mobile and Internet services that makes it easy for people to find and immediately connect with anyone in the U.S. Only WhitePages offers one-click access to more than 200 million adults and powers more than 2 billion searches on over 1,500 partner sites including MSN, Ask.com, SuperPages.com and the United States Postal Service. For more information, please visit www.whitepages.com or check out the WhitePages blog at blog.whitepages.com.

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