eXelate Launches maX Brand, an Actionable Custom Modeling Solution for Expanding Brand Reach Quickly and Easily

Proprietary modeling algorithms and audience analytics fuel enhanced campaign performance and reach for digital brand marketers

Jun 20, 2012, 12:00 ET from eXelate

NEW YORK, June 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- eXelate, the leading data and analytics engine powering optimal digital marketing decisions, today announced the launch of maX Brand™, proprietary top-of-funnel audience models that leverage eXelate's billions of consumer lifestyle, brand affinity, social and shopping behavior data points in order to drive revenue.

Following the launch of maX Performance™, a modeling solution for marketers seeking a direct response or action from specific audiences at scale, eXelate now announces maX Brand™, an easy-to-implement audience modeling solution which provides brand marketers with a highly targeted audience at unprecedented reach. maX Brand™ uses consumer-level data to drive long-term customer value by identifying upper funnel prospects that will emotionally connect to a company's brand positioning and messaging.

For example, maX Brand™ models within the automotive sector are less concerned with who's 'in-market' to purchase a specific car today and more focused on how to build brand awareness and affinity among specific target audiences likely to engage and connect with specific models – and to consider them for a future purchase. maX Brand™ goes beyond the short-term outlook of most current online targeting methods and seeks to promote long-term corporate growth by building engagement, brand connections and enduring consumer relationships.

maX Brand™ models are custom-built for each advertiser, in real time, leveraging key brand attributes, consumer affinities and conquesting criteria. In addition, the models can be delivered on any media platform. Unlike traditional data segments, maX data™ segments are modeled on specific advertiser criteria and modified to enhance performance in real time via eXelate's Adaptive Audience Intelligence™ process.

Additional benefits that differentiate maX Brand™ include:

  • Proprietary methodology: eXelate's analytics team developed maX Brand™ to provide brand marketers with a fast and easy-to-integrate custom modeling solution.
  • Scalability: From unique data sets including over 400 million unique users, only eXelate's maX modeling provides such a broad range of proprietary data from which to derive unique insights and uncover rich and deep audience segments based on similar brand affinities to deliver true scale.
  • Flexibility: eXelate can deliver audience data instantly across any media platform, providing fast turnaround times with no ramp up.

"Data is the fuel that powers all smart marketing decisions," said eXelate CEO, Mark S. Zagorski. "From building a more robust understanding of your target audience to informing customer acquisition strategies, the insights marketers are able to uncover from online consumer data are driving more effective real time advertising decisions. And, while more data isn't always better, we're seeing that more valuable modeled data, and the proper analysis of it can help accelerate marketer performance. Media selection is rapidly taking a backseat to fine-tuned audience composition targeting, and maX Brand™ and maX Performance™ are quickly becoming must-have solutions for forward-thinking digital marketers. "

Based on past campaign performance metrics and present campaign goals, eXelate's analytics team develops proprietary custom audience models for marketers and advertisers with maX Performance™ and maX Brand™.

About eXelate

eXelate provides data and insight on online purchase intent, household demographics and behavioral propensities that enable digital advertisers to make optimal marketing decisions. Through the collection of directly measured online data and distribution partnerships with information leaders such as Nielsen, Nielsen Catalina, MasterCard Advisors, Bizo, and more, eXelate makes online, offline, and custom modeled data sets actionable across 400M online consumers worldwide. eXelate's proprietary maX data™ - customized audiences built for advertisers based on first and third party data - delivers 3-5x campaign performance as compared to standard data sets. As members of the NAI, IAB, Council for Accountable Advertising, OPA and Evidon's Open Data Partnership, eXelate is a leader in privacy compliant advertising practices.  For more information, please visit http://www.exelate.com.

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