eXelate Launches Premier Media Partnership

Program facilitates the ability to buy privacy-safe audience data transparently and at scale from industry-leading digital media sellers

Jan 18, 2011, 09:00 ET from eXelate

NEW YORK, Jan. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- eXelate, the data engine powering privacy-safe audience access within the digital advertising ecosystem, today announced the launch of their Premier Media Partnership (PMP) to streamline the accessibility of audience data and certify the quality and privacy compliance of data and media packages.  

Without vetted, integrated partnerships in place, the marriage of media and data assets at scale can pose challenges for media planners.  eXelate's Premier Media Partnership ensures that advertisers and agencies can access eXelate and third-party branded data in conjunction with a high quality media package, while providing transparency on reach, performance and privacy certification.  

eXelate has formed integration alliances with media sellers across multiple channels, including ad exchanges, ad networks and video ad networks, as well as demand-side platforms (DSPs).  Premier Media Partners were selected as a result of their distinguished leadership, consumer privacy compliance as evidenced by their IAB/NAI memberships, and overall dedication to providing scalable technology solutions across the digital ecosystem.  Participants include adBrite, Accordant Media, Adap.TV, Collective Media, interclick, Invite Media, LucidMedia, and Media Math.  

"Collective provides brand-safe, quality inventory and privacy-compliant data," said Justin Evans, SVP, Audience Insights, Collective. "By joining eXelate's PMP program, we can offer clients an additional, straightforward proposition: 'access transparent data relevant to your ad campaigns, then rely on us for the insights to keep making that data work harder over time.'"

"To effectively deliver relevant advertising and reach across a specified audience, advertisers need an easy to use, scalable tool that provides access to both media and data," said Marta Martinez, CMO of MediaMath. "Being part of eXelate's PMP guarantees advertisers a robust platform, TerminalOne, that seamlessly and easily lets them select, optimize and report how eXelate data is used all in one turnkey solution."

The Premier Media Partnership program helps agencies achieve transparency across campaign reach, eliminate time spent on technical integrations, and close deals faster with access to an all-in-one solution.

"We have assembled some of the best media brands in the online space to help us make it simpler to leverage eXelate data. Not only will media buyers' lives be made easier, they will have a clearer path toward performance attribution as well as be assured that the data and media package they are buying meets the highest privacy standards," stated eXelate Chief Executive Officer Mark Zagorski.

About eXelate

eXelate is the data engine powering privacy-safe audience data access within the digital advertising ecosystem. Through participation on the eXelate eXchange and access to proprietary data management tools such as eXelate's teXi, data buyers build an instant behavioral targeting function and optimize their campaign delivery, while data sellers gain direct control over their audience data distribution and build a new privacy–friendly income stream. The eXchange includes over 50 top ad network, agency and demand-side platform buyers and dozens of leading publishers, who deliver targeting data on nearly 200 million U.S. unique users in verticals including Business-to-Business, Auto, Travel, Finance, Shopping and registration-based Demographics. For more information please visit www.exelate.com.

About adBrite

Serving more than 1 billion impressions a day on over 100,000 sites, adBrite is the largest independent advertising exchange.  adBrite has created a completely open, transparent and effective advertising exchange platform, focused on maximizing ROI with its sophisticated, unmatched targeting and optimization technology.  adBrite's dynamic market pricing, Real Time Bidding and API functionality, combined with a self-service account management interface, gives customers unparalleled access to superior campaign data and analytics.  For more information, visit http://www.adbrite.com.

About Accordant Media

Accordant Media is an independent, next-generation media-buying and optimization company that makes audience targeting and biddable display media simpler and more effective for leading agencies and direct advertisers. Accordant's one-stop, turnkey service, delivers advanced technologies integrated with sophisticated campaign data management and cross-channel analytics expertise. We help marketers achieve targeted, efficient advertising in a repeatable and scalable manner.

In a new era of cross-channel, exchange-traded media, audience and contextual targeting is highly effective yet incredibly complicated to implement. Accordant unlocks the benefits of micro-segmentation, finely-sculpted audience insights and dynamic inventory management to unlock new value by allowing advertisers to cherry pick their audiences. We can do all this with any data set, without restrictions, helping our clients gain access to dynamic inventory sources and deliver more targeted, relevant messages with 100% transparency. Our proprietary system reduces wasted ad impressions, protects advertiser's data and produces higher engagement and response rates. Accordant Media is based in New York City. www.AccordantMedia.com

About Adap.TV

Adap.tv develops online video advertising technology that makes it simple for advertisers, publishers and partners to connect and do more business.  Through its open video advertising platform, Adap.tv integrates all of the industry's leading tools and technologies so buyers and sellers can easily access partners they already work, with the ability to bring in new ones. Adap.tv is also the creator of the industry's largest Marketplace for premium publishers and brand name advertisers. The Adap.tv Marketplace has more than 2,600 sites, 60 million monthly uniques and hundreds of campaigns running daily. Based in San Mateo, CA with a sales office in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Seattle, the company is privately held and is backed by Spark Capital, Redpoint Ventures and the Gemini Israel Funds. For more information please visit http://adap.tv/.  

About Collective

Founded in 2005, Collective is a full service provider of media and technology solutions for display advertising. We help brand advertisers and leading publishers monetize quality audience data and brand safe ad inventory. Collective's industry expertise provides a strategic advantage to its clients by leveraging proprietary audience modeling, insights and ad effectiveness metrics.  Our flagship products, Collective Display and Collective Video®, are powered by AMP®, our market-tested ad management, targeting and analytics platform. Collective is headquartered in New York with offices in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco and London. For more information, please visit www.collective.com.

About interclick

interclick, inc. (Nasdaq: ICLK) is a technology company providing solutions for data-driven advertising. Combining scalable media execution capabilities with analytical expertise, interclick delivers exceptional results for marketers. The Company's proprietary Open Segment Manager (OSM) platform organizes and valuates billions of data points daily to construct the most responsive digital audiences for major digital marketers. For more information, visit http://www.interclick.com.

About Invite Media

Google's Invite Media provides technology that enables advertisers and agencies to use real time bidding to buy and optimize display ad campaigns across multiple advertising exchanges, all in a single interface. Top agencies and advertisers rely on Invite's transparent universal buying platform, Bid Manager, for real-time bidding leveraging their own and third party data while gaining efficiency and scale from an integrated workflow and reporting system. www.invitemedia.com

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About LucidMedia

LucidMedia (www.lucidmedia.com) is the most comprehensive and transparent digital advertising management platform for targeting and optimizing display campaigns.  The LucidMedia demand-side platform (DSP) with ClickSense® page-level contextual analysis and intelligent real-time bidding (RTB) is available as both self-service and managed service to interactive agencies and brand advertisers.  LucidMedia's platform employs an easy-to-use interface to deliver proprietary optimization, consolidated buying across the Internet's largest repositories, unique insight into real-time inventory availability, preemptive brand safety, universal frequency capping, and reach into 95% of the online population.  Founded in 1999, LucidMedia processes more than one billion impressions daily for hundreds of major brand advertisers.

About MediaMath

MediaMath is the leading provider of digital media trading technology and services.  Its industry-leading TerminalOne® platform is the first and only enterprise-class DSP, powering the new marketing professional with an unmatched combination of supply, data, analytics, workflow automation and optimization to return focus to marketing strategy rather than media execution.  TerminalOne has driven breakthrough results for dozens of agencies representing the world's leading brands – including units within all 7 global agency holding companies – on thousands of worldwide campaigns. Headquartered in New York City, the company was founded in 2007 by a seasoned team of entrepreneurs, marketers, technologists and quants. Investors include Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. (NYSE: SFE), QED Investors, SJF Ventures and European Founders Fund. For more information visit http://www.mediamath.com/.

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