eXelate Purchase Intent Data Scores Highest Rating From comScore, Independently Verifying Direct Purchase Proclivity for the First Time

eXelate is the first data marketplace to offer up its auto, shopping and travel purchase intent audience data to scrutiny by comScore's rigorous vetting and verification process

Nov 16, 2011, 09:00 ET from eXelate

NEW YORK, Nov. 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- eXelate today announced the results of its second round of audience data validation testing by comScore, the global leader in measuring the digital world. comScore vetted eXelate's auto, shopping and travel intent audience segments against its US panel, and awarded each a 5, the highest score on its 5-point scale. comScore previously verified eXelate's demographic data.

Because marketers increasingly rely on audience data to drive their campaign strategies, data accuracy, consistency and quality are urgent concerns. Marketers need assurance that the data segments they purchase actually reach their target audience. eXelate responded to this demand by becoming the first data marketplace to open up its data segments to scrutiny by an outside auditor.

In the summer of 2011, eXelate commissioned comScore to test the accuracy and quality of its audience segments. The goals were to measure how well eXelate audience segments reach their described audiences, and to provide buyers the confidence they demand when buying data.

"Audience targeting, which promises greater efficiency in reaching desired audiences, is an increasingly important component of the digital advertising landscape today," said Elise Neel, VP at comScore. "Third-party validation of data companies' segments helps fulfill this promise by providing clients with the assurance that the data segments purchased actually reach their target audiences."

To measure the eXelate audience segments, comScore compared them to the existing comScore panel and scored them according to a five-point rating scale based on the accuracy of their targeting assignments. A 5 score represents 85 – 100% audience accuracy. eXelate scored at the highest ends of this range.

"Just as the online industry needed third parties to validate audience size and composition of websites, premier data companies who want to assure marketers of the veracity of their data offerings need to do the same," said Mark S. Zagorski, CEO, eXelate. "We believe the entire industry will benefit from providing a greater level of transparency within audience composition, and therefore drive increased advertiser confidence."

"In verifying eXelate's intent data," Zagorski added, "we really nailed it and want to share this powerful insight with our partners. We challenge all data companies to do the same."

Advertisers and agencies that plan to target auto, shopping and travel intenders this holiday season can purchase audience segments from eXelate with confidence. These segments can be purchased via any of the +50 integrated media players that are plugged in to eXelate's data marketplace.

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