Exent's New GameTanium™ PC Games on Demand Service Has Something for Everyone

GameTanium Combines the World's Largest PC Games Catalog, Sophisticated Merchandising Features and Superior Technology to Deliver Profitable On-Demand Gaming Business Model for Service Providers, Publishers and Advertisers

Aug 27, 2010, 09:00 ET from Exent

NEW YORK, Aug. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Earlier this week, Exent launched its new GameTanium™ OnDemand service, combining the world's largest PC games catalog, numerous merchandising features and a cutting-edge technology platform.  The service has been launched on Verizon and will be rolling out at several other service providers before the end of 2010.

"We are thrilled to be launching GameTanium after all of the work that went into creating the market's best platform for delivering games on demand," stated Christina Kuzma, CMO of Exent.  "Exent's years of experience with gaming platforms, content programming and distribution and consistent focus on the complete user experience have enabled us to launch the greatest gaming value in the world.  Users gain access to the world's largest library of PC games in consumption models that fit their needs – from subscription to purchase to ad-supported/free.  Service providers gain an easy-to-integrate gaming service that builds revenue streams, customer loyalty and their brands.  And game publishers gain access to the most profitable distribution channels for their games."

The first thing users notice when they encounter the GameTanium service is its unparalleled user interface (UI).  The service's UI captures the essence of touch-screen devices with its animated, fluid interface and unique, curved layout.  It allows users to quickly spin to and find the games that appeal to their interests in Exent's 1,800 game catalog without any pagination or the need to click "back" buttons.  And with GameTanium's progressive download technology, users can begin playing rich, graphic-intensive games even before they have finished downloading the games.  With GameTanium, the time between considering what to play and actually playing is dramatically shortened.

GameTanium also delivers a rich community program that is already very popular with users. Once a user has created their profile, they can create an avatar, decorate their own 3D, animated Games Lounge with virtual items, and earn trophies and Prize Points while playing games in the service.

Even GameTanium's less-flashy features add to the user experience by making it easier than ever to play.  With a suite of subscription and purchase models - including the popular $14.99 monthly subscription enabling access to more than 1,800 games at less than a penny each – all integrated with service provider billing, gamers can access exactly what they want, how they want, whenever they want.

"The response to the addition of GameTanium to Verizon Games has been overwhelmingly positive," stated Jason Henderson, Games and Music Services Product Manager at Verizon.  "We've received comments like, 'I love being able to do everything from one screen,' 'It's easy to navigate everything. This is an awesome development,' and my personal favorite, 'I love FiOS even more!'  With GameTanium, our customers are getting the same unparalleled customer experience from their PC games service as they do with Verizon's TV, Internet and phone services."

The GameTanium service will be launched by several other service providers in the coming months.  In addition, a new GameTanium syndication widget will be rolled out this fall.  The new widget will give Web publishers an instant games solution for their websites without a major investment of time, money or other resources.

About Exent

Exent is the leading global market solutions provider for broadband-based monetization of PC and video games.  Exent delivers technologies and products for various markets, including video game publishers, broadband service providers, consumer portals, consumer electronic manufacturers, media companies, ad agencies, brand owners, retailers and others.  


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