Exercise Safety this Spring by Trusting your Outdoor Renovations to 4 Over Electric

If you're looking to finally complete a home project this spring, stay safe by allowing the team at 4 Over Electric to handle your electrical contracting needs.

May 14, 2014, 20:07 ET from 4 Over Electric

LOS ANGELES, May 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Spring is the ideal time to take on outdoor home improvement projects – particularly in mild, sunny Southern California. However, only a few among us are truly qualified to take on the risks that are inherent in many landscaping or renovation projects – particularly when they involve electrical systems. The truth is, there's no such thing as a DIY electrician, but Los Angeles-residents are fortunate enough to benefit from the expertise of the team at 4 Over Electric. As a top electrician in Los Angeles CA  4 Over Electric is a fully bonded, licensed, full-service electrical contractor that serves owners of residential and commercial structures alike.

When it comes to performing outdoor renovations, the electricians in Los Angeles hold a philosophy that's similar to that of Mike Felice. The safety director of Rocky Mountain Power in Utah says, "No matter what's on your agenda, electrical safety behaviors and an awareness of your surroundings should be part of your planning". Here in the Southland, where the climate is a bit sunnier and warmer than Utah, the need for electrical safety in the springtime is even more pronounced, as a single spark can lead to an uncontrolled fire before long. Fortunately, residents of Los Angeles and surrounding areas benefit from the efforts of the team at 4 Over Electric.

4 Over Electric offers valuable safety reminders to owners or managers of residential and commercial structures alike, a few of which are listed below:

  • Keep Electrical Cords Away from Water – When working outside this spring, remember to always keep electrical cords and equipment away from water or other wet areas. Southern California is usually not a particularly wet area, but that makes forgetting safety around water all the more likely.
  • Inspect Cords on Power Tools and Electric Lawn Mowers – Many people will have neglected tools like power tools and lawn mowers over the winter months, only to bring them out for outdoor projects in the spring. In the preceding months, cords can become frayed for any number of reasons, leading to dangerous situations. Never use equipment that has frayed or broken plugs or cords until they have been properly repaired.
  • Watch for Power Lines that are Hidden by Foliage – In highly populated Los Angeles, space is a luxury that is truly appreciated, making tree and shrub trimming a constant necessity. However, if a tree grows into power lines, the combination can be very dangerous. For these issues, it's often better to contact an electrical or landscaping professional.

These safety measures are important, but they are still only a small fraction of the potential risks that can occur when working with electricity. In most cases, it's best to contact 4 Over Electric for interior and exterior electrical contracting alike. Their team is highly sought after for lighting, fire alarm installation as well as data, TV and phone cabling, however, they're equally proficient at landscape lighting.  Their team is adept at transforming a dark yard into an artfully lit, and entirely safe space, making them ideal for completing many outdoor spring projects. Whether you trust your spring projects to their expert team at 4 Over Electric or you simply have questions about their services, call (818)-646-6849 or (310)-421-2207, or visit www.4overelectric.com.

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