Exis Brings Together Premier Commercial Tenant Representation Firms Worldwide

Commercial real estate industry leaders form global organization focused solely on representing tenants

Jul 27, 2015, 06:00 ET from Exis

LOS ANGELES, July 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Sixteen leading commercial real estate brokerage firms from around the globe have united to form Exis, an international, collaborative organization committed exclusively to helping tenants and end users reduce their real estate costs and, thus, improve their bottom line. Exis fills a gap left by the rapid consolidation of the brokerage industry in recent years that has absorbed almost all the tenant advocacy firms and resulted in the formation of a few mega-brokerage firms that try to be all things to all clients.

"While the rest of the brokerage industry is focusing on expanding their business lines, we, as tenant advisors, are focused on only one business line, representing tenants. We just keep striving to do it better. Now, with Exis, we can serve our clients' needs locally, nationally and internationally," said Exis member S.C. Jaisimha from India based Indus Global.

"It's interesting how far we have come, or rather regressed, as an industry. In 1986, the Executive VP of the National Association of Realtors described dual agency in a guidance document for real estate professionals as 'a totally inappropriate agency relationship for real estate brokers to create…' and yet nearly 30 years later we, as an industry, have intentionally led real estate users to believe there is no conflict.  In reality, though, the conflict of interest issues loom only larger with mega-brokerages that have so many masters to serve and so many internal drivers unrelated to their clients' needs," noted Exis board member Mark Ezra from Washington, DC based The Ezra Company.

"While full service brokerages offer the convenience of a commodity, tenant advocates offer a specialty service that discerning clients value. With the launch of Exis, we've filled a void left by recent consolidations and opened a window of opportunity for tenants to reach the best tenant advocates in the world," said Kevin Huan, Exis board member and director of China based commercial real estate firm KC Real Estate.

Exis was formed to provide tenants around the world with a passionate advocate at the negotiating table wherever their business operations take them. With offices currently based in 23 cities across four continents, Exis provides member firms with a global presence, greater insight into key geographic markets, and added strength in negotiation to assist with their clients' national and international real estate requirements. At the same time, the organizational structure of Exis allows each member firm to maintain its independence and business agility. Exis members are currently located in key markets across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia with several additional locations already in the works.

"We formed Exis, not to be the largest brokerage firm, but to be the best tenant advocacy firm.  We carefully vet each member firm because we are more interested in having the right local teams than having the most dots on a map.  We want to be able to serve our clients with the quality of care they get locally, wherever they require our service," said Exis board member Michael Kaplan, managing partner of France based commercial real estate firm Parella.

The sixteen member firms individually service some of the largest and most respected employers around the world. Their clients include numerous Fortune 500 companies, as well as small, medium and large organizations and corporations in industries as diverse as healthcare, legal, life science, technology, defense, higher education, communication and professional services industries.

About Exis

Exis is a global commercial real estate brokerage and advisory organization servicing thousands of clients worldwide. Exis is one of the largest global tenant representation organizations of its size and influence in the world. Dedicated to achieving the best outcome for real estate end users, Exis leverages and collaborates with member firms in key international markets to ensure clients receive the most up-to-date market data and favorable outcomes in their real estate transactions. Learn more about the benefits of partnering with an Exis member firm at www.exisglobal.com.

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