eXo Expands Partnership with Red Hat to Onramp Developers to OpenShift

eXo introduces Ruby support and Git integration enabling direct application deployments from eXo Cloud IDE to new Red Hat's new OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

May 04, 2011, 12:45 ET from eXo

BOSTON, May 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- RED HAT SUMMIT -- eXo, a provider of Java portal and user experience technologies, today announced it is expanding language support on eXo Cloud IDE to Ruby and integrating Git to enable direct deployment to Red Hat's new OpenShift PaaS. eXo is among the first to support OpenShift, building on the companies' two-year partnership.

News Highlights

  • Launched in March, eXo Cloud IDE is a multi-tenant, hosted development environment that facilitates social coding--the collaborative development of applications, gadgets and mashups that can be deployed directly to a PaaS. eXo Cloud IDE currently supports Java development with the ability to wire REST services, HTML5, Gadgets and structured content to create rich mashups and web applications on the fly. eXo will be refreshing the service in June to support Ruby.
  • With eXo's native integration of Git, Ruby developers can deploy remotely to any PaaS supporting Git, such as OpenShift from Red Hat. A simple push of the application source code from Cloud IDE will trigger the automatic (re)deployment of the application. This push action can be used both during development to test along the way and to deploy into production.
  • eXo and Red Hat first partnered in 2009, merging their respective portal projects into GateIn, which underpins their respective commercial offering--eXo Platform and JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform. The partnership expanded in 2010 to extend Red Hat's new Site Publisher with eXo user experience services--collaboration, social and custom application development with eXo IDE. With the expanded partnership, eXo is now collaborating with Red Hat's cloud team.
  • eXo Cloud IDE is the first of a set of free developer services eXo will be rolling out over the next year. Developers can sign up, create their own domain and invite others to collaborate on a shared development environment. Ruby and Git support will be available in June.

Supporting Quotes

  • Benjamin Mestrallet, eXo founder and CEO: "Over the last two years, Red Hat's JBoss team has been an exceptional partner, so we're pleased to expand our collaboration with Red Hat into the cloud. Our native integration of Git means OpenShift is the first PaaS that can support remote Git deployment from eXo Cloud IDE."
  • Sarangan Rangachari, senior director, Cloud Ecosystem at Red Hat: "eXo Cloud IDE is already proving to be a popular development service, and now with Git support, it becomes an even more valuable service. We welcome this expanded partnership with eXo, enabling OpenShift to be a PaaS of choice for developers using eXo Cloud IDE."

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