eXo Releases Updates for Collaboration and Knowledge Software

Updated community versions of eXo Collaboration 2.0 and eXo Knowledge 2.0 for new GateIn portal runtime

Jun 24, 2010, 09:00 ET from eXo

BOSTON, June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- RED HAT SUMMIT -- eXo (http://exoplatform.com) today released updates of eXo Collaboration 2.0 and eXo Knowledge 2.0, both of which now support GateIn 3.0, the next-generation portal runtime created by eXo and Red Hat. In addition, the company is previewing a new API service that gives developers the flexibility to write applications and integrate them across the enterprise.

Bundled with GateIn 3.0 and Tomcat 6.0 to run out of the box, eXo Collaboration and eXo Knowledge are now available as free downloads under the open source Affero Gnu Public License (AGPL). Commercial support for them will be available as part of eXo Platform 3.0, expected in Q4 2010.

News Highlights

* As with recently introduced eXo Social, eXo Collaboration and eXo Knowledge are designed to be used by IT organizations in Java enterprises to roll out a rich, managed environment for users to interact, engage, share and access integrated content and applications.

* Collaboration includes an Ajax-enabled email client, address book, chat and calendaring.

* Knowledge lets users create forums for engaging on topics as well as create Q&A content, much like Yahoo Answers or StackOverflow, that surface experts.

* The new API service eXo is previewing today is designed to be used by all eXo services. It lets developers write applications in Java or Groovy and expose them as REST APIs to integrate with any back-end system. Developers can also build mashups with these APIs.

* Collaboration and Knowledge are core pieces of the forthcoming eXo Platform 3.0, a comprehensive Java user experience platform that enables intranet, web and transactional applications to be integrated with virtually any content type from multiple data sources -- similar to what SharePoint provides for .NET.

Supporting Quote

Benjamin Mestrallet, founder and CEO, eXo: "While Java middleware has been totally focused on scalability and efficiency of transactional applications, the consumer web and, more recently, cloud services, have driven much richer user environments with very fast development and deployment. eXo is righting this imbalance, and providing Java enterprises with a 'SharePoint' of their own -- eXo Platform 3.0 -- that works with their Java systems. eXo Collaboration and eXo Knowledge are simply the latest community software packages from eXo that deliver better interactivity and capabilities such as mixing content and data, enabling collaboration and social features and more personal control and empowerment."

Online Resources

* Overviews of eXo Collaboration 2.0 and  eXo Knowledge 2.0

* Getting started videos

* Screenshots: mail client, calendar and answers

* Additional resources including features for eXo Collaboration and eXo Knowledge

Availability and Support

* Download from eXo's website
* Commercial Production Support: eXo Collaboration 2.0 and eXo Knowledge 2.0 will be supported in the forthcoming eXo Platform 3.0, planned for Q4 2010
* Early Adopter Program includes one-year developer subscriptions and early access to other eXo offerings

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About eXo
eXo (http://exoplatform.com) offers the next generation of Java middleware designed for the new era of cloud-based services. The eXo Platform makes Java websites and applications faster to build and easier to deploy, and offers modern features such as content, collaboration, social and knowledge on a services-based architecture. The company has established technology leadership and proven value by their large European installed base and strategic partnerships with Red Hat and Bull. eXo maintains U.S. headquarters in San Francisco, Calif. with global headquarters in France and offices in Tunisia, Ukraine and Vietnam. For news and updates from eXo, follow @exoplatform.