Expandable ERP Customers Achieving High Level Competitive Advantages

Consistently Outperform the Industry Based on Aberdeen's ERP Benchmark Survey

Mar 09, 2011, 13:36 ET from Expandable Software, Inc.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- In its fifth annual ERP Benchmark survey, the Aberdeen Group reports that manufacturers using Expandable ERP from Expandable Software, Inc. are receiving quantifiable business benefits that exceed the Industry Average and rival those achieved by Best in Class companies.

The annual Aberdeen survey studies the actions of manufacturers and measures the benefits received from ERP implementations across 15 business metrics. Aberdeen ranks the results into three categories: Best-in-Class, Industry Average and Laggards. Results indicate that the average Expandable customer competes at a higher level than the Industry Average and gains benefits that approach or exceed Best-in-Class manufacturers.

"Our survey is designed to provide quantifiable results of the impact ERP has on the business operations of manufacturing companies," said Nick Castellina, Research Associate, Enterprise Applications at Aberdeen Group. "We found that the average Expandable customer competes at a higher level than the Industry Average across all manufacturers and in Key Performance Indicators performs closer to Best-in-Class than to Industry Average. In some cases, such as growth in operating profits, Expandable customers perform above the Best-in-Class benchmark. Especially notable to growing companies is the statistic that Expandable customers are seeing three times the growth in operating profits than the Industry Average is seeing."

"The survey validates what we thought we knew about our software suite and the customers who use it," said Expandable CEO Bob Swedroe. "We designed our ERP system as an integrated foundation for controlling the business operations of high-growth companies and we're delighted to realize that Expandable customers are gaining the anticipated benefits."

"Particularly satisfying is the statistic Aberdeen reports that Expandable customers are seeing three times the Industry Average and a 50% improvement over Best-in-Class in growth of operating profits. It's a testament to the quality of our customers and our support team working with customers to improve the over-all utilization of Expandable in terms of productivity and functionality that they are able to achieve such impressive results," said Swedroe.

"Although our ERP software suite establishes the structure and control necessary to manage a growing manufacturing operation, the system does not run itself," noted Jeannie Fitzgerald, Expandable VP of Customer Support. "The kind of benefits that Aberdeen is reporting can only be gained through artful use of the tools we provide and by turning the information at hand into good business decisions. Based on the survey results its clear Expandable customers are using the system well."

Download a copy of the survey results at www.expandable.com/aberdeen

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Expandable Software, Inc. develops, markets and supports an integrated manufacturing software suite designed to help expanding manufacturers manage their long-term growth with a single ERP system implementation. The company's distinguished record of high customer satisfaction is consistent over its 25-year history supporting companies manufacturing a variety of products including medical devices, electronics and consumer goods. Expandable customers range from startups to growing manufacturers with annual revenues approaching the billion dollar mark.

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