Expanding Orthopedics Inc. to Present the FLXfit, its Novel 3D Expandable Intervertebral TLIF Cage, at the ISASS Congress in Miami

Expanding Orthopedics Inc., announced today that Prof. Le Huec of France will be presenting the FLXfit, its unique expandable and articulated TLIF cage with lordotic correction, at ISASS.

Apr 29, 2014, 08:00 ET from Expanding Orthopedics Inc.

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Expanding Orthopedics Inc. (EOI) is pleased to announce that the FLXfit, TLIF 3D expandable Cage will be presented for the first time at the prestigious annual meeting of the International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery (ISASS) in Miami. Prof. Jean Charles Le Huec will present the work performed with his international colleagues, Dr. Klaus Schnake and Dr. Ory Keynan: "Novel expandable and articulated intervertebral TLIF cage with optimized lordosis correction".

Prof. Le Huec, Head, Ortho-Spine Department, Bordeaux University Hospital, France and world renowned spine surgeon, former President of ISASS and EuroSpine, explained that "correcting anatomical balance in the lumbar spine is imperative, particularly in the lower disc spaces. The current cages available on the market have limited possibilities for lordosis correction and are sometimes difficult to maneuver. In addition, the contact between the implant and endplate is not always optimal, leading to improper stability after the surgery." Dr. Keynan, Head of Service for Degenerative and Age-related Spinal Disorders at the Sourasky Medical Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel noted that "the FLXfit addresses the need for a wide anterior footprint coverage. The design allows a minimal invasive, uni-lateral TLIF approach and its articulated self-guidance feature enables a smooth introduction and an optimal placement after expansion. The lordotic expansion facilitates the lordosis correction at the treated level".

Dr. Schnake, Head of the Spine Surgery Center at the Nurenberg Schoen Klinik, Germany, added that "the FLXfit successfully passed all relevant international biomechanical testing, with equivalent or superior results compared to alternative devices in all measures. In cadaver studies performed with my colleagues, all cages were successfully implanted, positioned and expanded with a steep learning curve. Reversibility of the expansion for easy and safe intra-op removal was successfully validated. Lordosis restoration was evaluated at each level and the implant/endplate contact showed good results." Prof. Le Huec, concluded that "initial biomechanical and cadaver testing shows that the FLXfit is a unique three-dimensional expandable articulated TLIF cage that meets the requirements of strength, stability, anatomical benefits and user-friendliness. It combines the benefits of minimal invasive access, optimal footprint, large bone graft chamber, press fit insertion and adaptability to the patients' anatomy while allowing an optimal lordosis restoration."

Mr. Ofer Bokobza, CEO of Expanding Orthopedics, said that "we are honored to have this close collaboration with a top notch group of renowned surgeons enabling our continuous release of unique minimal invasive expandable devices to the market". Mr. Bokobza stated that "the FLXfit will soon be available internationally and believes it will create a significant impact in the way fusion surgeries are performed.  The release of this product will strengthen EOI's unique product portfolio and would be a great addition to the XPED™ Expandable Pedicle Screw System."

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