Expect Safety from Fire Protection Group, Inc., when the Unexpected Occurs

Fire Protection Group, Inc. cautions businesses to have the proper fire protection system in place for unforeseen emergencies

Feb 05, 2013, 13:12 ET from Fire Protection Group, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- In 2002, the fire tragedy at a Great White concert in Rhode Island caused both federal and state-based fire safety associations and business entities to take fire protection much more seriously. During the incident, three fireworks were set off, engulfing the club in roughly five minutes and claiming 100 lives. Last week, a similar fire occurred at the Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria, Brazil, with 231 people perishing. None of the event attendees would have anticipated the impending fires. Additionally, widespread fires that effect patrons and property aren't always the result of special effects, but of arson. While business owners must comply with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regulations, and a special license is required for pyrotechnic operations, accidents do occur, sometimes at the hand of others. However, taking precautions by installing a comprehensive fire sprinkler and/or alarm system prevents initial flames from growing into a full-fledged problem. Fire Protection Group, Inc. offers the best fire protection services to ensure that a place of business is fully protected. 

Los Angeles County and Orange County Fire Protection Groups, as a part of FPG, Inc., are comprised of fire safety professionals who oversee the installation or testing of preventative systems. The sprinkler and alarm systems are designed to suit the particular business and are installed by an OSHA-compliant FPG field team. Established businesses looking to upgrade systems already in place will benefit from FPG's inspection services. A production company may also recruit a fire watch for California film locations or firework events, comprised of FPG officials. Mr. George Saadian, the organization's general manager, has influenced California's fire protection code over the years, with certain requirements from the NFPA redrafted with his advisement. As a longtime leader in the fire protection industry, safety is the primary force behind all of FPG's work efforts.    

Other preventative tools are often needed in addition to sprinkler and alarm systems, especially for expansive factories, community centers, or downtown high-rises. There is greater area to protect, while a consistent flux of people and objects introduce new fire hazards. Therefore, it is important to have a sufficient water pump installed for a steady supply of water, backup generators in case of a power failure, as well as methodically-placed fire extinguishers. Where there is high foot-traffic, exit signs for systematic evacuation must be utilized. FPG contractors supply all of the provisions and will make the appropriate recommendations during the initial consultation. The business will uphold Title 19 and NFPA regulations once equipped with an improved fire system and other preventative materials from FPG.

When it comes to protecting lives during emergencies, how the fire is contained and extinguished is just as important as how it was started. One cannot anticipate when an accident may occur, but when the business or private home is fortified with a complete fire safety system from FPG, it will efficiently fight the offending flames and promote the safety of those in the vicinity.

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