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Production, Technology, & Business Users Can Call, View Live During November Weekly Series

Nov 02, 2015, 10:30 ET from Video Call Center

NEW YORK, Nov. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Video Call Center (VCC), a video technology and content company jointly owned by Wolzien LLC and TEGNA Media (NYSE: TGNA), today announced a full month of weekly live "virtual tours" and demonstrations of the Company's patented video caller production system.  Tours will take place at 1 pm ET every Wednesday in November starting on November 4th.

Production, Technology, & Business professionals, including broadcast hosts/talent interested in the new medium, can use their webcams to video call and participate live in the demonstration, mimicking the experience callers have enjoyed during past VCC live productions. While connected during the Virtual Tour, they can ask questions and interact with the VCC production team. Or just watch the live stream until they have a question.  

VCC creates live, efficient, video caller television programs with editorially screened callers and host control with assistive automation – and all without a standard broadcast control room.  VCC on-air Host Diane Dimond will greet callers and viewers and coordinate the Virtual Tour, which will include demonstrations of the Host Automation Technology (HAT) that Dimond uses to run the program and insert graphics and clips, Caller Acquisition Technology (CAT) used by call screeners, and an explanation of the technology behind the patented system by Larry Thaler the VCC's senior management advisor.

VCC creator and chairman, Tom Wolzien, will walk callers through VCC's production efficiencies and economics – which were designed in response to the continuing viewer and revenue fragmentation of broadcast and cable television.  The tours showcase how video caller television programs meet the production community's need for new cost models.

The November tours will include demonstrations of the VCC studio's innovative large "stand up" touch screen and Remote Host Unit, both with the same controls as those used by a host at the studio desk.  The Remote Host Unit has been used successfully to control full programs from both distant TV stations and even from the living room of a host's house.

Video callers to the Virtual Tours can connect using Skype™ by video calling the username: thevideocallcenter, like callers to a live on-air program, or optionally, just watch a live stream at www.thevideocallcenter.com until they have a question.

About The Video Call Center, LLC.: VCC delivers a totally new approach to live IP video acquisition, caller based content, and host television program control through assistive automation (no control room).  VCC LLC is owned by Wolzien LLC and TEGNA Inc, which made a significant investment in June 2015. VCC provides extremely efficient video caller program production services on a work for hire and co-production basis. The specialized Video Call Center caller acquisition and host automation technology is covered by US Patent 8,767,031 issued in July 2014, with other patents pending. After more than 100 hours of live web broadcasts and dozens of programs transmitted live over KUSA (TEGNA) in Denver, the on air caller drop rate for IP video is one percent. See www.thevideocallcenter.com for details.

-Skype™ is a trademark of Skype and Microsoft.

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