Experts Anticipate Busy Turf Laying Season

Apr 09, 2013, 14:28 ET from Turfland Farms Ltd

THETFORD, England, April 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

The spring represents the perfect time of year to start laying turf and the team at Q Lawns is keen to make sure that gardeners and groundskeepers go about it the right way. The company has introduced a fantastic range of lawn accessories for growers who want to see excellent results from new turf.

Laying new turf is fantastic way of reviving the appearance and health of a garden or lawn area. However, it's important to wait until the frosty conditions are out of the way. This winter has seen cold and frost return time and time again and this has set gardeners back in their plans to lay new turf.

The experts are Q Lawns are keen to remind those in charge of green spaces that good timing is essential in all aspects of garden maintenance - not just in terms of planting. Quality lawns do need time to bed down so it is tempting to lay them early to get plenty of use out of them during the spring and summer months, but it's not worth the risk of laying new turf too soon.

Forecasters do expect that the cold weather will come to an end in the next few weeks which means gardeners and groundskeepers can go about preparing their tools for the season period ahead.

The Q Lawns team has introduced all sorts of accessories that help new lawns to settle into their surroundings quickly and the range of turf available through the website is wide and varied. Classic lawn turf can be found alongside tough garden turf, greens turf and special EcoGrid turf so there is plenty of choice depending on setting and application.

Q Lawns is a division of Shrubhill Farms Limited, a large farming enterprise established in 1942. The team has a great deal of experience in growing quality grass turf and its operations boast 1,000 acres of cultivation.

SOURCE Turfland Farms Ltd