EZTEC S.A.: Operational Consistency increases Net Income to R$336.2 million in 2012

Gross Margin is 51.8% and Net Margin is 42.0%

Mar 19, 2013, 22:08 ET from EZTEC

SAO PAULO, March 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- EZTEC S.A. (BOVESPA: EZTC3) celebrates its 34th anniversary as one of the most profitable builders and developers in Brazil. The Company announces its results for the fourth quarter of 2012 (4Q12).


  • Net Revenue reached R$799.5 million in 2012, up 7.4% from 2011.
  • Gross Profit was R$414.5 million in 2012, up 10.3% from 2011, with Gross Margin of 51.8%, (11.8 p.p. above our Guidance for the year).
  • EBITDA was R$311.1 million in 2012, increase of 7.5% from 2011, for EBITDA Margin of 38.9%.
  • Net Income was R$336.2 million in 2012, with Net Margin of 42.0%, 12.0 p.p. above the Guidance for the year, representing Earnings per Share of R$2.291 and Annualized ROE of 24.0%. 
  • EZTEC kept its financial strength in 4Q12, ending the period with Cash Equivalents and Financial Investments of R$174.7 million. Excluding the Debt of R$141.7 million (being exclusively of SFH financing), the Company's Net Cash stood at R$33.0 million, which was complemented by Performed Receivables from real estate projects of R$304.5 million, which are available for securitization and yielding IGP-M + 12% p.a.

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