Facebook App From Business Competence To Go Head To Head With Facebook's 'Nearby'

Facebook applications are often provided by small developers around the world, and this is the richest resource of Facebook. Now it is the turn of Business Competence, a small and virtuous Italian company that have developed Facearound, the new Facebook app.

Jan 30, 2013, 18:22 ET from Business Competence srl

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Currently Facebook is the most famous and used social-network in the world. Solidly on top of the social media pyramid, the Zuckerberg's creature is not only a virtual home for billions of people, but also the perfect test bench for many developers who implement on Facebook their own projects. This is, without a doubt, Facearound's case.

Facearound is a Facebook App.

Created by the Italian IT company Business Competence, Facearound landed on the social network in September 2012 with brilliant results (number 1 download in the "Social" category on Apple Store and more than 75,000 fans on Facebook, just to name a few).

Facearound, as an inner app, moves through Facebook's users and their friends lists, and produces a well-detailed map of the "places of interests" nearby.

"Nearby", instead, is the Facebook own creature landed on the social-network just a few weeks ago (December 2012) that basically works just in the same way - except for the original dealing/couponing system that characterizes Facearound.

In fact, as said by Pierguido Iezzi (Facearound founder) "Some of the characteristics of Facearound remain unique, such as its dealing/couponing integrated system that does not require intermediation fees". 

As per usual, Facebook's biggest value is given by the multitude of projects and apps created by single developers and software houses from all over the world.

"There is a fact we must reckon with," Iezzi explains. "The most popular social-network in the world needs continuous development of new services in order to keep growing. Since the very beginning, Facebook has always appreciated the added value given by the developers, and sometimes Italian creativity and know-how place themselves ahead of entrepreneurial giants".

Extremely meritocratic, Zuckerberg's platform gives attention to each good idea - it doesn't matter if it comes from a student locked into his own room or from a well-known company.

The game is open now between Facebook and Business Competence, the company behind Facearound: a giant on one side, and the small Italian company on the other side, but it is well known that communication is not only the bedrock of social media, but also the foundation of any good idea and cooperation.





SOURCE Business Competence srl