Facial Plastic Surgeon Shervin Aminpour Emphasizes the Personal Side of Aesthetics

Cosmetic surgery is a Los Angeles industry, but Dr. Aminpour doesn't treat you like you're on a conveyor belt

Oct 23, 2012, 17:44 ET from Hills Aesthetics

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Even though he embraces technology, Shervin Aminpour became a leading plastic surgeon in Los Angeles the old fashioned way: by listening as patients explained their goals and making sure he was communicating what he going to do. While there are hi-tech methods to prevent accidents on the operating table, the method for achieving the desired results is quite low tech: good old fashioned consultation. Patients should do things like view rhinoplasty before and after photos in preparation, and discuss them with their doctors. "Unpleasant surprises can come from an inferior surgeon's mistakes or inexperience. But they can also come from a great surgeon's inability to communicate," he says.

Dr. Aminpour personalizes every procedure he performs because treating each person is a more reliable technique than simply operating on a nose, face or neck. "I present each patient with options, and explain the benefits of each one," he says. Being clear from day one leaves no unpleasant mysteries, like blepharoplasty cost, or rhinoplasty recovery time. Patients have taken notice of this type of personal treatment. Variety may seem like an obvious feature of a caring compassionate medical center, but there are now surgeons who approach each operation with a one-size fits all approach.

Taking rhinoplasty as an example of one area of plastic surgery, the necessity for a nuanced and personal approach is revealed. Ethnic rhinoplasty is a growing field, and it involves preserving, or even enhancing the ethnic aspects of a nose shape. Rather than pushing everyone toward a supposed "ideal," Dr. Aminpour will help you reveal your personality and identity through your nose. Additionally, many patients seek nose surgery because they're experiencing adverse health effects. "Increasingly my patients don't give a darn about being more attractive physically, but they have a litany of reasons to come to me for nose surgery nonetheless."

Visiting the photo pages of Dr. Aminpour's website such as his page for Juvederm before and after, reveals a number of different faces of all sorts. Television would have you believe that everyone who goes in for plastic surgery wants to look like a model in their "after" picture. Dr. Aminpour's "after," pictures simply look happier, with their personality revealed. "Model is easy. I can give patients the model look if they want. It's tougher to get the right look for the individual."

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