FacialNetwork Releases New Demo Of Facial Recognition App NameTag On Google Glass, Receives Cease And Desist From Facebook

FacialNetwork CEO responds to social media giant, calls timing of letter suspicious

Sep 10, 2014, 15:49 ET from FacialNetwork, Inc.

DOWNTOWN LAS VEGAS, Nev., Sept. 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- FacialNetwork, Inc. released the second demo video of its NameTag Google Glass Beta App today via YouTube. NameTag is a facial recognition search engine developed specifically for mobile devices that can scan a photo against millions of publicly sourced images in seconds.

The demo shows NameTag on Google Glass scanning 20 faces and returning the correct match results for each individual in real time:

"We can now get match results back in under 1 second, when just a few months ago searches took upwards of 10 seconds in some cases," said Kevin Alan Tussy, CEO of FacialNetwork. "Our intensely focused development efforts have resulted in some major technical breakthroughs and we have filed for a lot of IP.

"We've been working very hard to finish building our facial recognition compute cloud for mobile and wearable devices and I think this NameTag demo shows just how far our technology has come. We are now preparing the platform for a large-scale user base.

"This level of seamless integration of cloud facial recognition has never been seen on any consumer device, let alone a wearable, and we plan to release a second beta version of the NameTag app to Google Glass explorers so they can try it first-hand very soon."

SalesForce.com recently announced a partnership with FacialNetwork and the two companies have agreed to develop HospitalityID, a facial recognition application for wearable and mobile devices for use in hotels, airlines and entertainment venues.

"The hospitality industry is always looking for innovative new ways to serve their customers and it's easy to imagine how our technology can be used to anticipate customer needs and exceed expectations," said Satya Yenigalla, COO of FacialNetwork.

FacialNetwork also announced today that it has received a cease and desist letter from Facebook, Inc., regarding NameTag. Facebook's lawyers sent the letter directly to Tussy.

The cease and desist letter, which claims that NameTag has violated Facebook's terms of use, came just days after Facebook shut down FacialNetwork's access to the "Facebook Login" that was one of the identity verification options to opt out of NameTag.  

Tussy swiftly responded to the letter.

"The fact that this letter comes right after we announced a key partnership, the hiring of a new rockstar COO, and a major announcement of our entire suite of applications makes me think the timing of this cease and desist letter is more than just a coincidence," Tussy said.

"We haven't violated Facebook's terms of use.  The fact is that Facebook has its own facial recognition division and it's possible that this letter is an attempt by Facebook to try to slow us down."

No stranger to controversy, FacialNetwork remains unaffected by the attempts of much larger companies to slow or stop the development of its technology.

"FacialNetwork is pioneering facial recognition on mobile and wearables; we are attracting a lot of attention and it threatens the establishment," Tussy said. "We are moving networking off the computer screen and into the real world, but the reality is that once NameTag is launched as a social media hub it will bring even more traffic to Facebook. We will help people connect on all social media sites faster and easier."

FacialNetwork's recently announced Facial Recognition Enterprise App Suite allows companies and developers to use facial recognition in their apps on smartphones, wearables, tablets, and other edge devices.

FacialNetwork became the subject of an international media firestorm in February 2014 when Senator Al Franken wrote a three-page open letter to FacialNetwork expressing his concerns specifically about the power of the NameTag application.

For more information about NameTag please visit www.NameTag.ws

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FacialNetwork released CreepShield in early 2014, a facial recognition search engine and Chrome extension that helps users learn more about potential online dates by scanning their profile photos. Any headshot can be used with the CreepShield search engine and the photo is instantly scanned against millions of images of convicted sex offenders.

For more information about CreepShield and the CreepShield Chrome extension please visit www.CreepShield.com

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