FairWinds Partners Offers Full Suite of New gTLD Consulting Services to Help Brand Owners Navigate the New Generic Top-Level Domain Name (gTLD) Space

Nov 15, 2011, 18:11 ET from FairWinds Partners

WASHINGTON, Nov. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The introduction of new generic top-level domain names (gTLDs) presents an array of unprecedented opportunities and challenges for brand owners, who will need to adapt their digital strategies to the resulting changed addressing nomenclature standard for new domains. With the application period for new gTLDs set to open on January 12, 2012, many brands are being overwhelmed with a barrage of conflicting information and messages about what they should do. FairWinds Partners, the leading domain name strategy consulting firm, is helping to alleviate the confusion and is assisting brands in navigating the challenging new gTLD waters with a comprehensive suite of new gTLD consulting services. As a longtime critic of certain aspects of ICANN's New gTLD Program, FairWinds has designed its services to help brands make the most out of the new generic top-level domain name space whether they choose to apply to own category and brand domain names at the Internet's top level or not. FairWinds' unique approach focuses on educating brand owners, and empowering them to make informed decisions that they can feel confident about when it comes to new gTLDs.

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FairWinds advises brands on every aspect of the New gTLD Program beyond just the complex process of applying for and managing a new gTLD. Our philosophy is that a comprehensive consultative process, paired with the creation of key deliverables, will give brand owners the greatest chance of extracting value from new domains:

We begin with a thorough evaluation of our clients' unique needs relative to new generic top-level domain names. Our priority is to educate and involve our clients, including all relevant stakeholders, throughout the process, so that they can feel comfortable making decisions for their brands concerning the new gTLD space. This includes unbiased, fact-based research and analysis of reasons for and against applying for specific branded or category-term top-level domains, taking into account factors such as key business or competitive issues.

After the exploratory phase, we work with clients to develop a comprehensive strategy on what to apply for and how to use their new gTLDs and resulting new domains, which is designed to build consumer recognition while minimizing costs. We also assist clients with all of their technology needs, such as the selection of necessary vendor partners, including an appropriate top-level domain name infrastructure provider, to ensure that our clients will be able to effectively execute on their strategy and utilize their new gTLDs in a manner that allows them to benefit from new domains.

Next, FairWinds prepares and submits all components of the new gTLD applications in collaboration with the client and any vendor partners, in a manner that ensures the highest likelihood of a successful application. We perform meticulous reviews to ensure that each client's new top-level domain application is fully compliant, taking all technical, operational, marketing and legal requirements into consideration, as well as ICANN's rules and regulations.

Finally, our services do not end with application submission. We will continue to communicate with ICANN as necessary throughout the entirety of the application process. We monitor and manage our clients' applications all the way through contracting with ICANN and the delegation of their new top-level domains, and continue the relationship beyond launch to advocate on behalf of our clients in ongoing ICANN policy development. We also provide ongoing consulting services on how clients can extract the most value from their new domains and ongoing administrative services needed to run their new registries efficiently and cost-effectively in the new gTLD space in and beyond 2013.

Along with FairWinds' strategic engagements with experts in registry and registrar operations, ICANN processes, global marketing and technology, we have also assembled an elite team with tremendous global reach and unparalleled scope. FairWinds Co-Founders Josh Bourne and Phil Lodico have been featured in numerous media outlets for their expertise as leading authorities on new gTLDs, and our consulting team is comprised of experts with extensive experience working with some of the world's largest global brands.

To learn more about FairWinds' New gTLD Consulting Services, please contact us. For further education on new gTLDs, please visit the FairWinds gTLDStrategy blog, which was created to educate brand owners, to debunk common myths and to discuss what brand owners can expect from the upcoming launch of new top-level domains.

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