FAL Group Announces Launch Of Coco Joy All-Natural Coconut Product Portfolio

FAL Food and Beverages Debuts Coconut Milks, Coconut Oils, Coconut Flour, Coconut Sugar and Coconut Chips to Join Coconut Waters

Also Expands Coco Joy Kids Collection with Disney, Disney-Pixar and Marvel Branded Packaging

Jul 22, 2015, 10:30 ET from FAL Group

NEW YORK, July 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- FAL Food and Beverages, a FAL Group brand, is pleased to announce today the stateside launch of new product offerings from Coco Joy, the first all-natural portfolio of coconut products. The Coco Joy collection now includes premium classic and flavored coconut waters, natural and flavored coconut milks, natural and flavored coconut oils, coconut flour, coconut sugar and coconut chips.

"As consumers in the U.S. and around the globe continue to recognize the health benefits of the coconut, we are proud to offer a complete coconut product line with our family of all-natural Coco Joy products," said Tim Xenos, CEO of FAL Food and Beverages, a FAL Group brand. "We have been so pleased with the response to our original coconut water and our fun, flavored Coco Joy Kids varieties, and so we are thrilled to provide consumers with new ways to harness the mighty coconut: from cooking, to drinking, to beauty."

The FAL Food and Beverages group now produces products as part of its Coco Joy brand, including:

  • Coco Joy Coconut Water – All-natural coconut water made from young green coconuts. Compared to leading coconut water brands, Coco Joy has fewer calories, less sodium, no added sugar and no preservatives.  Fat and cholesterol-free, Coco Joy Coconut Water is rich in potassium and magnesium, and naturally loaded with electrolytes.
  • Coco Joy Kids Flavored Coconut Water – Available in kid-friendly packaging designed for small hands, Coco Joy Kids offers all-natural coconut water in enticing flavors including: Strawberry, Banana, Watermelon and Pineapple and proudly feature popular characters from Disney's "Frozen," Marvel's "Avengers" and Disney-Pixar's "Inside Out."
  • Coco Joy Natural and Flavored Coconut Milks – A delicious alternative to traditional milk, and a perfect addition to blended smoothie drinks, Coco Joy Coconut Milk contains no dairy, lactose, soy, gluten or casein. After the fruit is husked and halved, the delicate pulp is pressed to release its rich coconut cream. It is then carefully blended with pure water and natural flavors. The Natural Coconut Milk is certified-organic and the flavor varieties include Coffee, Chocolate, and Banana.
  • Coco Joy Natural and Flavored Coconut Oils - A healthy alternative to traditional cooking oils, Coco Joy cold-pressed coconut oil is extra-virgin, GMO-free and unrefined. With its high smoking point, coconut oil can be used at very high temperatures without becoming unstable. It also curbs sugar cravings and energy slumps, and provides a natural all-around beauty product, perfect for moisturizing skin and hair.
  • Coco Joy Natural Coconut Flour – With numerous health benefits, a light coconut flavor and airy texture, Coco Joy coconut flour can be used in baked goods for a lower-carb, high-fiber and gluten-free alternative to wheat flour. Coco Joy's Natural Coconut Flour is certified-organic.
  • Coco Joy Natural Coconut Sugar – Unrefined and unprocessed, Coco Joy coconut sugar is made from fresh coconut tree sap. Offering a healthy alternative to other refined and chemical sweetener options, it is high in potassium with a toasty, brown sugar-like flavor. Coco Joy's Natural Coconut Sugar is certified-organic.
  • Coco Joy Coconut Chips – Made from fresh coconut meat, Coco Joy coconut chips offer all the crunch of potato chips without the trans fats, gluten or cholesterol. Perfect as a nutritious snack or topping option for salads, breakfast bowls and more.

Coco Joy offers a new approach to harvesting coconuts, utilizing a method of cultivating coconuts from the best locations, at the perfect age and time, to create a refreshing, delicious taste.  Coco Joy products are never made from concentrate and are derived purely from fresh coconuts picked from Southeast Asia's tropical forests.

For information on Coco Joy and Coco Joy Kids products, visit www.CocoJoy.com. To connect with the brand on Facebook, visit www.Facebook.com/CocoJoyUSA.

For select Coco Joy products, visit Amazon.com.  For Coco Joy sales and distribution inquiries, please contact info@falfoodandbeverages.com

FAL Food and Beverages supports healthy habits through "Flavor & Life," offering products with high-quality, natural ingredients to promote a healthier lifestyle.  For more information about FAL Food and Beverages, visit www.FALFoodandBeverages.com.

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