Fall in Love with a Green Vehicle from MPG Car Rental this Month

For your weekend getaway, remember to call MPG Car Rental for a reliable, environment-loving green vehicle

Feb 14, 2013, 14:05 ET from MPG Car Rental

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The weekend following Valentine's Day presents the perfect opportunity for heading out of town with that special someone. While taking a break from the norm with the one you love may feel great at any time, a mini-break for Valentine's Day promises an added spark of romance. Los Angeles residents can reach any number of date-worthy destinations by merely spending a couple hours on the road. Santa Barbara and the Santa Ynez Valley offer wine tasting and fabulous dining, while those longing for peace and quiet can reach the picturesque towns of Morro Bay or Cambria with just another hour or two of driving. If you and your sweetie plan to head up the California coastline this weekend, why not take the drive in a hybrid car rental from Los Angeles agency MPG Car Rental? This way, you can enjoy the site of beautiful beaches or rolling hills while saving money on fuel and treating the environment with love and care.

Los Angeles' MPG Car Rental offers an expansive green fleet consisting of award-winning hybrid, electric, and turbo-charged cars. While the Venice-based agency offers green SUVs such as the Toyota Highlander Hybrid or the Chevy Tahoe Hybrid for larger groups, there are plenty of much-adored compacts for the road-bound pair from MPG Car Rental. These vehicles are quiet, utterly comfortable, and demonstrate great fuel economy time and time again. The travelers will save gas money with a hybrid car rental, reserving the extra cash for a spa treatment or special weekend dinner while away from home.

The turbo-charged Volkswagen Jetta TDI features muscular power outputs for lower emissions and great torque. These aspects of the TDI clean diesel vehicle enable the passengers to enjoy their drive, so much so that the journey will seem to go by in the blink of an eye. This Jetta achieves an outstanding 42mpg on highways, limiting the need to stop for fuel and allowing the couple to reach their hideaway more quickly. If you and your loved one have an affinity for Toyota vehicles, there are a series of Toyota Prius hybrids available from MPG Car Rental. The Prius c is the smallest member of the Prius family and is said to be the most fuel-efficient of any non-plug in car, netting 46mpg on the freeways. If the sportier couple plans on taking extra gear on their trip, the Prius v Hybrid might be the preferred choice. The Prius v offers incredible back cargo space and legroom, with similarly impressive fuel economy: 44mpg on surface streets and 40mpg on the highway.

With MPG Car Rental, the customer can always expect generous discounts and surprising bonus offers. If the happy couple falls in love with the green car rental and proceeds to purchase the same model in the near future from an associated dealership, up to four days of car rental shall be reimbursed. It literally pays to remember this MPG Test Drive Program.

Put the finishing touches on your romantic getaway plans and reserve a fuel-efficient, environmental-friendly car from MPG Car Rental today, 877-870-7821. For more information or to view the online discounts that are currently available, visit www.mpgcarrental.com.

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