Fall is the Ideal Season to Join the Community at Sally's Residential Care Home

As retired persons reflect on the back-to-school seasons of their youth, they can enjoy similar social and intellectual stimulation at Sally's Residential Care Home

Aug 21, 2013, 18:04 ET from Sally's Residential Care Home

CAMARILLO, Calif., Aug. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- With pleasant year-round weather and lovely natural beauty, it's never unusual to find retired persons seeking a nursing home in Southern California.  Yet, while the region features a number of options for assisted living, Southern California-based facilities are not all created equal. In fact, even a rudimentary search for information reveals that Sally's Residential Care Home is the ideal option for seniors seeking a comfortable SoCal facility with a warm and engaged community. As young people are heading back to school this fall, those making the move to Sally's Residential Care Home will find an equally stimulating experience among the smiling faces of residents and staff.

For many of us, some of the best memories of childhood are of the crisp days of autumn. The start of a new school year, the changing weather and the fast approaching holiday season blends into a sense of palpable excitement. As we age, autumn is still an enjoyable and lively time, but we have outgrown much of the hustle and bustle that goes along with it. That's why, for seniors seeking the ideal assisted living experience this fall, Sally's Care Home is the perfect choice.

Nestled in beautiful Camarillo, Sally's Residential Care Home residents enjoy the warmth and famous natural beauty of Southern California all year long. However, as natives of the region are well aware, there is most certainly a change of season throughout the year, with gusty San Fernando winds blowing through, and serene, overcast days a common sight in the winter and fall. Thus, for seniors who appreciate the outdoors, but wish to spend their retirement days in an active and pleasant climate, there is no better option than Sally's Residential Care Home.

About Sally's Residential Care Home

For over ten years, state board-certified registered nurses and owners Sally and Kayhan Mojabi have brought exceptional skill and experience in acute, rehab, geropsych and hospital management positions, including years in geriatrics, to Sally's Residential Care Home. Perhaps even more importantly, the expert nurses have utilized their skill to build a truly knowledgeable staff that is trained to effectively handle the medical needs of seniors, while always maintaining a warm and friendly disposition. The Mojabi's, their team, and the facility's residents have built a truly engaged community, one where exercise, entertainment and holiday celebrations are a common occurrence.

When we were young, fall meant rekindling relationships and intellectual stimulation as the school year started anew. In our mature years, we can still enjoy an engaged, social lifestyle at Sally's Residential Care Home. With basic services, including 24-hour care for individual and emotional needs, you'll find yourself at-ease and ready to embrace life at the energetic Camarillo-based assisted living facility. Call 805-701-1246 or go to the nursing home's website at www.sallyscarehome.com for more information.

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